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top - May 4

how early in ur pregnancy do u notice milk from ur br___t or does it only start leakin when ure given birth? this my 1st preggie...


christa0120 - May 4

for me it started about 3-4 days after i had my son


kelley32 - May 4

Same here ...


olivia - May 4

With my first I started leaking colestrum at 36 weeks. It was bright yellow and stained my bras. My milk came in about 4 days after my dd was born, which is a little delayed due to a c-section.


voilet06 - May 4

how does that work? if your milk doesn;t come in for a few days - what does the baby fed off of? like does it get enough food ? just curious?


olivia - May 4

The baby technically does not need food right away. They will suck and get some of the colestrum, which helps give them a rich supply of antibodies and also helps clean out their digestive tract. They can go off the colestrum until the milk comes in. It is sometimes called liquid gold. It is really very healthy for them (actually perfect for what they need when born). They have a very thick black sticky poop stuff that needs to be cleaned out of their system and the colestrum helps, then the milk does the rest when it comes in. It is all very cool how our bodies can care for our little ones.


electronicandy - May 4

I actually started leaking when I was 26 weeks along. lol It was horribly embarra__sing. haha


anon - May 4

My sister had colostrum in her b___sts really early about 8 weeks pregnant. She squeezed her b___st and it came out.


AppleCake - May 5

With my first pregnancy I leaked colostrum from about 16 weeks onwards. We're only talking a few drops at a time, I would usually notice when bathing, or when I got up in the morning I would have dry flakes over my nips and b___bs. Your baby feeds on colostrum until your milk "comes in". It is like a clearish yellow viscous liquid, and they really don't need very much. Once you milk comes in your b___bs literally fill up. Then you can leak big time- the let down relfex actually squeezes the milk out.



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