Breast Soreness Going Away Anybody Else

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Margo - October 11

I'm 5 weeks pregnant, i had m/c in may. My br___ts are not as sore today as they were for the past week. I called my doctor she said that br___t soreness could come and go. She said that implantation happens during week 5-6 so you might expiriencing some cramping and light spotting. I'm really worried . Does anyone else experience those symptoms so early on and had a normal pregnancy?


Julia - October 11

Congrats Margo! I know how freaky it is, I had a m/c in May too. I have had sore bb since a few days after O. It does come and go and some days really really sore, not so bad today. I think it's ok. I hope! I am 7wks.


Detroit - October 11

Congrats mommies to be. I had a m/c in Feb. About 7wks now and the soreness does go away from time to time. I wouldn't worry about it too much.


Christy - October 11

Hi Girls, I also had a m/c and just found out I am preggers again-YAY! We'v been trying for a while. I am very conscious of my sore bbs and feel nervous if they don't hurt as much on certain days. But from what I hear also, it's completely normal for it to change due to the everchanging hormones right now. It's hard not to be nervous tho isn't it. Congrats to all and hope everything works out for all of us.


Sue - October 11

Margo, who told you implantation happens during week 5-6? I think it happens well before that, like when women get an implantation dip and or spotting before their period is due. That would be like week 3 or 4. You do not get a positive test until after implantation.


Margo - October 11

Thanks girls, its so nerveracking.. My OB put me on prometrium to help the pregnancy...I really really hope that everything will work out this time. Good luck to you all and congratulations as well.


Margo - October 11

Sue, My OB told me that I thought it happens before that, but thats what she told me.


Jessica - October 11

Ladies I just want to point something out here: If your b___sts are sore one day and not the other it is normal. The only time you should be concerned is if ALL your symptoms dissapear, not just one of them. I was always concerned about this to but I am now 16 weeks pregnant so I a__sure you it is normal.Hope this helps. Congrats and good luck with your pregnancies!!


Margo - October 11

I dont really have any other signs of pregnancy yet. I felt very tired for a few days around the time my period suppost to start. But then my b___st got really really sore and no tiredness or anything else. But again im only 5 weeks.


Margot - October 12

hey - another Margo here. I am 6 weeks 3 days. My b___bs were firm and tender from weeks 3-5 and then rather suddenly settled back down. Now they are just a touch fuller. I was convinced I would miscarry but it's been a good 10 days now and I've had no reason to think that is happening. My symptoms are mild too, just headaches, spotty chin and very light nausea once or twice. I also have tummy rumblings but more like digestive, not cramping. I'm not feeling that fatigue everyone talks about either. I've decided to stop worrying though - hope you can too!



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