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leigh - October 30

Is anyone else experiencing br___t tenderness that comes & goes. Some nights I experience it, then I'm fine, then a day or so later its back. Every time it leaves I suspect the worst. Its my only symptom of pregnancy.


Louise - October 30

I have it as well, and it does come and go but if you feel your b___sts when its not that bad you can still feel that there very tender. Mine are sore and i am only about 5 weeks, is that natural


leigh - October 31

thanks. i'm always checking out my b___bs during the day to see if they feel tender or not. when they do hurt, it makes me so happy, and when they don't, i panic. i'm glad it comes & goes with others too.


Clare - October 31

I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant and sore b___sts were the first symptom I had. They hurt when I walked down the stairs even!


kat - October 31

Yep it comes and goes. Be happy because there will be sometimes that it hurts so bad you wish it would stop. then it does stop and you worry again


leigh - November 1

The b___st tenderness is BACK ! I'm so happy. Dr. suspected that I might have a blighted ovum last week, but wanted to wait and see (I go back tomorrow). I was afraid that the absence of soreness in my b___st was a bad sign. Does the return of b___st tenderness mean I'm likely still pregnant ? Or is my body playing cruel jokes on me ?


Diane - November 9

I also am having the tenderness come and go. I called the Dr. and she said it is not a tell tale sign. I am still worried. Has anyone found out any differently?


Margaret - November 9

Should I feel my b___sts sore in the first week of my pregnancy?


Michelle - November 11

I have the same question! My b___sts have been sore all along, but this morning they didn't feel full and hard like they have for 3 weeks or so. I saw my baby's heart beat on the sono yesterday and I feel really nauseous today, so I am hoping there's nothing to worry about.


Nick - November 12

I am expecting my period in three days and have had b___st tenderness for the last four days. I normally get this before my period, but it feels different this time; not just tender, but painful.


maria - November 13

Yes, the b___st tenderness comes and goes for me too sometimes worse than others


becky - August 17

i'm paranoid too. my b___sts have been constantly hurting but then today they just don't seem to hurt except at the nipples. i hope i'm being paranoid


Isabelle - August 17

Ive been with sore b___st since July 15 and It havent stop. Im 7 weeks !!


randi - August 17

im 11 weeks and am same way and my only sympton too


Tamisha - August 17

You guys are all lucky.... I guess.. My b___st were never actually "sore". They have yet to hurt, and the only thing I ever felt was tender nipples, and even that has subsided. I don't really feel any pg symptoms, but I saw my baby yesterday and heard the heart beat so I believe everything is ok. The only thing I can say about my b___st is that they do feel a little heavier.


kate - August 18

i'm almost seven weeks and nipple soreness and then b___st soreness occured right away according to my charting, within the first week of conception! It makes me feel comfortable to know i'm still pregnant. Yet, It is a positive sign, not everyone experiences it.



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