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Misty - January 31

Has anyone ever had a decrease in br___t tenderness around 7-8 weeks pregnant?? I feel good, had a little bit of spotting...but my br___ts aren't as tender or sore. Has this happened to anyone else?? Please help.


ekay - February 1

Mine started to get tender about 6 weeks and this week, they really aren't. But I haven't had any spotting (which may not mean anything). I would definitly go to your doctor as soon as possible though. Good luck.


Jackie R - February 1

Mine where most tender around weeks 5 and 6. Now that I'm in my 8th week they really aren't tender at all. They are still fuller than before. I've heard this can be quite normal. I had an sonogram at 6weeks due to light spotting myself and all checked out fine. Even got to see the heartbeat. But I agree with Ekay to call you're doc. You may get an vag sonogram to let you know all is well or atleast some blood work done.


Misty - February 1

Thanks girls. I have a sonogram today so I'll let you know how everything goes.


ekay - February 1

GOOD LUCK!!!!! I hope your u/s is rea__suring and definitely let us know how it goes.


Misty - February 2

I had my ob appt yesterday and everything was great. Urine was clear, cervix was good, uterine wall was good, but with my history they wanted me to do a s/g. they had to do the trans v____al kind and it took them forever to find the fetus. It did have a heartbeat , but the dr. said that I had a hemorage around the baby and I probably wouldn't carry another week. He said he's seen worse and everythings been fine, so say a few prayers for me. Dr said fetus was just measuring around 6 wks instead of 7w4d. No symptoms of miscarriage yet, so it's just a waiting game for now. Wish me luck. thanks


Jackie R - February 2

Misty my thoughts are with you. I hope all turns out well for you. Check in and let us know how you are. Take care.


ekay - February 2

Hey Misty, I am so sorry for what you are going through. Try and stay positive so you don't drive yourself crazy.



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