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S - April 22

Hi, I am 5-6 wks. It seems like I have very mild symptoms..I have the following on/off: tiredness(always on), br___t soreness(on/off), backache(on/off), and hungry kind of quesy prior to meals. Does anyone else have symptoms that come and go? I am starting to think some of this is in my head!!!


Leigh - April 22

I'm between 7 and 8 wks. I have the come and go symptoms as well. At first, I was worried that something may be wrong because during my previous 2 pregnancies I was non-stop sick. It's not in your head. It just has to do with the way the hormones are affecting your body. My tiredness is off/on, b___st soreness always on, nausea on/off, I can mostly only feel it when I'm hungry. I don't have a backache. I am now just counting my blessings that the symptoms aren't bad enough to stop me from eating, working, etc.


fernanda - April 22

im 7 wks and 3 days. Every women experiences different symptoms and different times with different durations. I am 26 and this is my first pregnancy. I am trying to come to terms with it myself! I have b___st soreness on and off, nausea since week 6 mainly on!!, and tiredness on and off, bad smells on and off (some things send me over the edge!), indigestion mainly on!!! which maked me eating any food quite difficult together with the nausea. Oh and trying to go to the toilet for a number 2 (TMI!!) is sometimes a struggle. BELIEVE ME - this is not in MY HEAD!!!! :) If you are worried about your pregnancy b/c of your symptoms go to the doctors and get checked out to put your mind at ease. I'm actually thinking how lovely it would be to have the absence of nausea in pregnancy - i think i could deal with the rest!!!


Julie - May 17

I also am 5-6 wks and have on & off symptoms. They have been especially alarming to me since this is my 3rd pregnancy in a year but my OB has rea__sured me that since my hcg is doubling I SHOULD be fine. It was a relief to read the responses below. It seems that if you are not cramping or bleeding then not to worry if at all possible. THat's what they're telling me, anyway. P.S. my other 2 attempts at having a baby produced NO symptoms. So at least we're experiencing something, right?



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