Bright Red Bleeding

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littlerose80 - July 13

Hey everyone. I am now nine weeks pregnant. Since about six weeks i have had spotting pink/red . After two visits to the ER and an ultrasound i had relief when they saw the heartbeat. But i do have a subchronic bleed. The last week the bleeding has gotten worse and its now bright red and almost every morning. THere doesn't seem to be any flow as its just after i wipe after going to the washroom and i have no cramps. My doc is trying to get me another ultrasound. I just don't know how i am going to survivie emotionally as everytime i see blood it is wearing me down more and more emotionally. Please if anyone has similar stories please share. I could really use some encouragement. Amber


Justine - July 13

Hi Amber, I can imagine how stressful this time is for you but I wanted to just tell you my story which is a little bit different to yours but which sent me on the same emotional roller-coaster. At 6 weeks I had spotting and was terrified until the u/s showed the baby's heartbeat. However then at 9 weeks I had ma__sive bright red bleeding that just poured out of me all day. I was completely hysterical but once again an u/s showed that the baby was fine and that I had a ruptured uterine blood vessel. For the next few days I continued to bleed even pa__sing huge clots which made me even more fearful. I had to wait a week until my next u/s to see if the baby was ok which was a nightmare wait but once again the u/s revealed that the baby was fine. I'm now 38 weeks pg and despite suffering from hyperemesis for almost half of my pg, pre-eclampsia and pre-term labour at 34 weeks we both are now doing just fine and I'm impatiently waiting for my baby to come. Hold on in there. I know it's so difficult seeing all the blood and waiting for u/s but as my story shows you'll get through it and hopefully everything should be just fine. Good luck.



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