Brown Ring Around Belly Button

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Lisa - December 15

My question is to any woman who is pregnant or has been pregnant and noticed a light-brown 'ring' forming around and inside their belly button around 8 weeks or so along. I vaguely remember having this occur with my other two pregnancies, but they were so long ago I am not quite sure. It would just be reassuring to know if other women have experienced this or not. Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this.


Anon - December 15

I too have the brwon ring around my belly b___ton though i cant remember when I first got it. I am 29 weeks and my poor belly b___ton almost looks like its dead lol.


Lisa - December 15

Thanks for answering my question. Right now I only have a 'faint' positive on an hpt confirming my pregnancy. I keep coming up neg at the drs office - but I have an ultrasound scheduled for this Friday. I am at a point where my 'belief' that I am pg is based on my 'vast' array of symptoms. The belly-b___ton thing started last week, and at first I thought it was dirt and I tried to wash it off. It wasn't a complete 'ring' until two days ago. I feel like I am going crazy and taking my friends and family right along with me. I am just lucky that my doctor is understanding and believes I am pregnant just as much as I do, even with the neg tests. I cannot wait until I know for sure.... Congrats on your pregnancy, and I hope your belly-b___ton no longer looks 'dead' after your baby is born. LOL Thanks again for answering my question.


Anon - December 16

I wish you the best of luck on your pregnancy!! and yes LOL my dr. a__sures me taht the ring will go away after I have my baby...she makes fun of me everytime i go in there =P


Lisa - December 16

Well, that brown 'Ring' has now started to form a little 'line' going south. SO I guess the ultrasound I have tomorrow morning will probably show SOMETHING I hope. I haven't did a pg test for over a week now - I wonder if it'd show a definite positive if I did one now? I wish you luck with your pregnancy too! I am so glad that someone answered my question, that I am STILL grateful! You have a lot less time to go through now than I do - but I am sure you are ready for it to be over with, eh? Good Luck with your baby! Take Care....



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