Brown Discharge

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Zora - March 24

Hi, this is my 1st baby. I'm 6+3 today and this morning I noticed brownish discharge but there's no pain or anything else. Has anyone experienced this? I'm really scared and worried.


Lesley - March 24

Hello Zora. I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and I have had brown discharge 5 different times already. I went to see my doctor and they did an ultrasound and we saw the beautiful heartbeat. My doctor told me some women have this. She told me as long as it doesn't turn red and that I bleed like a period it would be ok. What a relief that was. I still get scared when I see it though.


Zora - March 24

Lesley, thanks for the reply, glad to hear things are going well with you. I feel a bit relieved now. I spoke to my midwife too, she said as long as there's no pain or it doesn't change to red blood, it's going to be okay, but go to gynae emergency if (touch wood) it does. I know it's common to get brown discharge in early pregnancy, still you can't help feeling scared and panicking when you see it. I guess sometimes we just need rea__surance, especially during emotional and hormonal time like this.


Lesley - March 24

Hello again Zora. Believe me the first time I saw the brown discharge I was on here right away looking for comfort and I did get some. Plus many of my family members told me they experienced the same thing. The thing was that I did have cramps with it which scared me half to death but I think that was just my uterus stretching and getting ready. I still get very crampy but have been told that it's normal to have cramps. Just not severe ones and red bleeding. I am sure you will be just fine. In a few months from now we can laugh about it and enjoy our big tummies. I wish you all the best of luck.


jessica - March 24

hey zora...i had a little bit of brown discharge at about 6 weeks, maybe a bit less- my dr said it was probably from 'implantation' - totally normal.....


D - March 24

I'm now 10w5d, and I had brown, and a little pink, spotting between weeks 5 and 7. I had some mild cramping too, which I now attribute to gas :) . I called my doc, and they said it was ok as long as it didn't turn bright red.. but they scheduled an u/s to help give me peace of mind... we saw a good, strong heartbeat at 7w3d. they thought it might be implantation bleeding....


Zora - March 24

Thank you for the replies ladies. I feel a lot better now. The brown discharge was very little and just that once today (I'm praying that's the last time it's coming to visit), and it has gone back to white since. It's a great relief I tell you. At this stage, there's just so many things to be worried about. I think I'll only stop worrying so much after the 12 week mark. 6 weeks to go, and counting!! =) Good luck to everyone. Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!


Tish - March 24

You Guys are awesome! I am 6weeks 5 days and I just saw brownish in my discharge. My Dr. is already gone for the day and I was about to drive to the ER. I thought I would check here first! You all made me feel a lot better. Thanks for all your replies and questions.


To Tish - March 24

I would still call your doctor and leave a message with the answering service, just in case.


Christina - March 26

I'm 7weeks know and I started having brownish discharge when I wiped on Tues night. I have also had cramping right from the start of my pregancy. I went to the doctor and they felt I was a week behind and the heartbeat was a little low at 105. I have long cycles so I think that is why I'm behind a week, usally 34 days instead of 28. Any thoughts in this?


Marji - March 27

I just found out last night that I was pregnant (my calc. put me at 4w3d), and I have some discharge which has me freaked out. It is very light, however I thought I was starting my period 6 days ago. The posts here are very rea__suring but do you think I should go ahead and schedule an appt?


JT - March 27

It's common to get spotting around the time when you're about to or supposed to be having your period - well that's what my doc said. About 25 percent of women spot in their pregnancies and carry on having healthy pregnancies. Some women also get their monthly period while pregnant. If the brown spotting changes to red and/or accompanied by painful and severe cramps then go see your doc immediately. If it's not bad but you are still concern it doesn't hurt just to speak to your midwife or doc just to get some professional opinion and rea__surance. Good luck!


Anna - April 8

I'm so glad this question was already asked. That was the exact topic I was coming here for. I am about 5 weeks pregnant and still in that whole "Murphey's Law" stage, as I'm calling it lol. I just noticed a small amount of brownish discharge, but I've had no irregular pain and there was no red in it. I'm so glad this question has already been asked and answered. It really calms my fears. Thanx y'all :)


zala - April 13

Gosh, I'm so relieved to have found this! I am in the boat too. I'm 6 weeks 5 days. I went to the toilet lastnight and discovered a very small amount, but enough to make me hit a low and began thinking uh-oh here we go..... I expected today that something would happen, but it disapeared for a while, then came again. I hope we are all just fine!!! Thank goodness for this page and helpful responses - keep in touch and all the best to you...... xx zala


KG - April 13

I am 8 weeks and had some brown dishcarge last night. It seems to have went away this morning. I am not hurting, just nauseated as usual. I'm going to call my dr. just in case but I hope everything is okay.


Lise - April 13

Sometimes this brownish discharge can be a__sociated with candida or "thrush" which is quite common during pregnancy - I have it right now at 10 weeks - usually its white discharge with thrush but apparently can turn brown due to being pregnant. Normal thrush signs too - itching and hot feeling down below. If you have this, see doctor as they can give treatment (cream) which makes it a lot more bearable.


KG - April 13

My doctor says that the discharge should be okay unless it turns red and cramping starts, which thank goodness has not happened. She says brown means that it is old and not new blood. I had a good ultrasound with strong heartbeat at 6 weeks so she says everything should be okay and that a good heartbeat means there's a good chance that a miscarriage will not happen. Hope she's right. But until it stops, I can't help but be nervous. Hope this helps!



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