Brown Discharge 3 Positive Home Tests

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Kelley - November 2

I am having some brown discharge that resembles a period. It is not heavy, but it's there. My period was due 10-27 and this started yesterday, 11-1. I took 2 home pregnancy tests 10-30, both positive, and another 10-31, also positive. Is this brown discharge something you have heard of before? I have no idea how far along I may be, but I took a home pregnacy test before we left on our honeymoon (10-21) and it was negative. I will be going to the doctor soon, as soon as I am on my husband's insurance (1 week, 2 at most). Thank you in advance.


Clare - November 2

Yes, Kelley, this is normal.


Kelley - November 2

Thank you, Clare! :)


Kelley - November 2

Could this be implantation bleeding?


Kelly - November 2

Kelly, I've had brown discharge for 1 1/2 weeks then it turned out light pink for 2 days then I went to the doctor and she said that I might be pregnant so she gave me prenatal vitamins......It's normal.....Don't worry.....I just dont know how far I am though...I'm still waiting for my papsmear result......Please pray for me that I dont have any infections or anything...This will be my third pregnancy......


Kelley - November 3

Thank you so much. The more I have looked into this, the more I find it is normal. This is my first preganacy, so I am understandably questioning anything that seems "out of the ordinary" to me. :) I'm calling a doctor this morning and making an appointment. I'm very excited! Good luck to you! I wish you all the best!


Monica - November 3

Hi. I'm having the same thing. I asked on another forum and they said since this would be my first missed period it's probably just a little old blood or from the implantation. I took 2 tests at home, one at a women's clinic, and then yesterday one at a hospital trying to get set up with medicaid since I have no insurance. they've all come back positive so I guess I actually am still pregnant. I'm about 6 weeks along according to their calculations. I've got my first appointment with a midwife tonight so hopefully she'll be able to clear up any doubts I'm having but I think it's pretty normal.


Kelley - November 5

Well, I made my first appointment for November 10 (the earliest she could see me). I'm really starting to freak myself out, though and need to calm down. I know it isn't good to worry too much, but I had the brown discharge all week, then Wed. it started turning red and yesterday (Thurs) it was completely red, but weaker. This morning it was heavy. I haven't checked since, but I think it may still be heavy. I've been reading conflicting advice (not here...on other medical sites) about whether or not to worry. Some say it's perfectly normal, others say it is a sign of miscarriage. Has anyone else had this issue? Please let me know. Thank you!


Monica - November 5

I would get it checked out right away if it's turned red. The midwife told me that a little brown spotting is normal but if it turned pink or red I should go to a doctor.


Jessica - November 8

I had a miscarriage feb. 22nd and the bleeding that is a__sociated with miscarriage was extremely heavy(soaking 2 pads every hour) and very red. Ironically, I just took a pregancy test on Saturdat Nov. 6th and it was positive!! I also am having very light brown spotting. I am nervous too, even though I know that it does not resemble miscarriage bleeding! I will pray for you. Please pray for me.


Kelley - November 8

Best of luck to you, Jessica! My bleeding has almost stopped, but was never so heavy as to soak a pad that much. I have been told that it is not unheard of for a woman to get her period during her first trimester, so I will not worry unless the doctor tells me bad news. I will report back Wednesday or Thursday after my appointment. Take good care of yourself!!!


Amy - November 9

Hello, I am on my third pregnancy and have suffered brown loss throughout all my pregnancies, including my current one. I have two beautiful children, and have a scan tomorrow to check that this baby is ok. My advise is to see a doctor straight away and get scanned if possible. Good luck to everyone out there suffering this worrying, yet sometimes harmless problem.


danielle - November 23

could i be pregnant i have had two periods this month and last night i got a brown discharge in my nickres what does it mean please please help me


Jennifer - November 29

The brown Discharge can be possibly from having s_x. During my first one I had it alot. It's scary yes. BUT unless it turns bright red don't worry sugar.


Carrie - December 6

I have read everon'es answers to this question. I have been pregnant 7 times with 1 live birth and I am still waiting to see how this pregnancy goes. for me I would get the brownish discharge for a week prior a miscarrage. Sorry if it's something you don't wnat to hear. It may be perfectly normal, but my expierence is that i always had it (5 lost pregnancies) before i miscarried


Kelley - December 6

i thought I had replied back already about this...sorry. I am doing well. My Dr. wasn't concerned about the brown discharge or the bleeding, but had I had my blood drawn 2 days after the appointment to ease my mind that my HcG levels were rising. They were. I appreciate everyone's support, advice and good wishes. Kelley


Jenny - December 7

My period is due in two days but I took a pregnancy test and it was post_tive so I took two more the following days and they were both positive. Do you think I am for sure pregnant?



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