Brown Discharge 3 Positive Home Tests

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Jenny - December 7

My period is due in two days but I took a pregnancy test and it was post_tive so I took two more the following days and they were both positive. Do you think I am for sure pregnant?


Kelley - December 7

HPT are very accurate, so yes, most likely you are pregnant. You should make an appointment to see a Dr. asap. Congrats! Kelley


Steph - December 8

I'm supposed to be having my period right now, but all I have is brown discharge. But I also have some mild sporatic cramping. The cramping is very mild-- I wouldn't even call it painful. Did you all experience slight cramping too, or is that abnormal?


nanret - December 8

i am 3 days late & also have some brown spotting, sore b___bs, metal mouth, nausea...tests are negative ??? i hope we are all pregnant & healthy!


ashley - December 9

I have having the same thing and it just started. I am 2 months pregnant and I went to the doctor for it. They said it is completely normal


Steph - December 10

nanret, I took a test and it came back negative too. I'm going to wait a week (or try to wait a week) and retest. In the meantime, I'll be trying to treat myself well, just in case...


simone - December 15

I started having brown discharge yesterday and totally freaked as i m/c in April and only just found out i am preg. again. saw doc today and had u/s and blood test which show that pregnancy is healthy, although im only about 5-6 weeks. have u/s next week so hoping everything is ok. can't help but worry. how long does brown discharge go for???


Steph - December 16

Simone, mine went for four days, but i just had another neg. pregnancy test, so I'm not sure I'm a good norm to follow.


simone - December 17

sorry to hear that steph. if ur not pregnant, hope u fall soon!!! my thoughts are with u. i usually have brown discharge before period so that is normal for me. Discharge has stopped, for now, so only lasted 2 and a bit days. hope thats a good sign. just want wed here to see if everyhting is ok!!!!


Debola - December 20

my period is not due for 2 weeks im losing brown blood or discharge. why so early what can it be i have 6 kids already


Kim - January 2

I am 9 weeks pregant and have always had a light yellow discharge but this morning it was a light brown. I had brownish discharge in my first trimester with my son so I am hoping this is all normal as i do not have any bad cramping.


Rose - January 3

Hello Everyone! You have no idea how relieved (whew!) I am to hear that most of you are experiencing some of the same same symtpons I have. Quick synopsis - my period was due 12/23, took a preg. test on 12/27, it was positive (slight pink line, but a line nonetheless). On 12/30 I started to have this brownish discharge - lasted for about 2 to 3 days, but I was freaking out (like Simone, I m/c in April - I feel your pain). When i m/c in april, there was no brown discharge, just pinkish red bleeding that got heavier - luckily my obgyn is located a few blocks from where i work, she diagnosed me and confirmed i was having a m/c and performed a D&C. I'm so confused about this brownish discharge - I've read about implantation, m/c, ectopic preg., etc. - I'm just so worried! I went to my Dr. office for a blood test this morning and will recieve the result tomorrow - i have an appt. with my obgyn this Friday (1/7). Oh, I also noticed some sort of mucas like substance (very little) with the brownish discharge - is that the same for everyone? Could that be normal? I'm just so nervous. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. My prayers and best wishes go out to all of you!


sandra - January 6

im scared to. i got a positive on my ept and 2 days later i test neg. i still havent gotten my supposed to been here dec 17. and now its jan 5. on the jan.2 i had dark brownish red discharge for about day and then it stopped. still have symptoms,b___st hurt, tired ,hungry, nausea. im trying to wait to get another hpt because i dont wanna be disappointed. any help?


Valerie - January 21

My husband and I Starting trying to get pregnant I had a m/c about 3 years ago. I'm probley like most woman who just can't wait till they miss a period, but over the past 2 weeks I have had symptoms that to me are unusual. The biggest is my appit_te ( I am eating everything insight!) I haven't felt ill in the morning but I have felt ill at night. I took a test today and it came back negitive which didn't surprise me really because I'm not due for my period till Feb 27. But today I noticed I had some brownish discharge which isn't normal for me anyway, and my b___st are very tender. I keep reading all the early signs of pregancy and I keep thinking I am but am not sure if I am thinking that way because I want to be? And for me I am a very regular person and I don't usally have symptoms of my period till like the day before I'm gonna start. So what do you guys think?


MARIA GARCIA - January 24



Karimah - January 27

I have the same problem. On sunday i had pinkish tinge to my discharge and then every day this week (its now friday) it has been brown. I ovulated about 5 days before this started.. I wonder if i am pregnant?



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