Brown Discharge

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Beth - July 16

First off sorry if there is 2 much info. but i need to ask. I am i think around 6.5 weeks and i have had brown discharge for approximatley one week. At times there is a what appears to be little stringy clumps with it but just a small amt. no red just brown. i have been told by everyone that it is normal and my doc said its normal. they did an ultrasound last week and he told me everything looks normal i am just not far along enough to hear a hb. Has anyone had this brown ickyness for an extended amount of time and went on to have a healthy pregnancy? i did not have this w/my 1st and i miscarried 3 mo ago. i am terrifed any help will help me so much thank you!!


Mindy - July 16

I too, have had some brown discharge that you are talking about. My doctor said it was normal too and thinks it could have been old blood from implantation bleeding. For me, the small little clumps came after my pap. So I was thinking maybe it was from that. I had the brown discharge for 8 days and today it cleared up. Thank God!! This is my 4th pregnancy, 6 weeks along and I never had the discharge with the other pregnancies. It is hard not to worry. Maybe you can call your doctor for another ultrasound to see the heartbeat. I hope everything works out and I will be praying for you.


3rd time around - July 16

Hi I had the same thing only mine started a few days before my period was due and comtinued on for the next 3 wks. It went from brown to red to pink back to brown again, but not alot just like your describing. I had an ultrasound at 6wks 2ds and they saw a heart beat but couldnt see where the discharge was comming from. Im now 9wks and all is well. Unfortunatly I think that it is just normal even though very scary! Good luck


sparkles - July 16

i too had the same brown discharge when i was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and i ended up having a miscarriage and that was 4 months ago but now i am pregnant again and i think im about the same and today i had a light pink color but its not as bad as the 1st but i have my fingers crose and hope everything goes okay for me and for you too beth


Beth - July 16

Thank you so much for all your responses. I got the little clumps after they did a v____al ultrasound so that makes sense. It is so hard not to worry, but makes it easier that I am not the only one. Thank you and prayers for all our little one!!


dss1176 - July 5

I had the same exact thing happen to me. I'm 5w3d...had u/s on monday, no hb yet, but having brown discharge...kinda clumpy...had miscarriage 3 mo ago...VERY worried...doc says discharge is normal...i go back in 2 weeks...will keep u updated


Erin15 - July 5

Hi Beth, I'm in the same boat. I had a m/c on March 10th and conceived in late May. I went to the hospital on Friday as I spotted and freaked out. They were able to do an internal u/s and saw the baby and id'd a heartbeat. I had the spotting Fri/Sat/Sun and not Mon/Tue. Went back to work today and much to my disappointment, I had spotting again. It is torture to go through. I am rea__sured that others have had this and have given birth to healthy babies, but it is very difficult to stay positive and not think of this as a recurrance of the last time. The dr. said to remember that each pregnancy is different and that some women just bleed for no reason. I have another u/s scheduled for Monday, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results. I will keep my fingers crossed for us.


RMC - July 5

I have had brown spotting with the little clumps as well, was pink about 2 days, then went back brown for about 3 wks. I saw a heartbeat on the u/s, so doctor says everything is fine.


HEATHER - July 5

I just want you to know with my first preg I had the exact same thing happen for the first 13 weeks off and on and I went on to have a healthy pregnancy. I just didnt over due myself. as soon as I was in the 2nd tri, it was like a switch it all stopped. I wouldnt stress too much.


Erin15 - July 6

Beth - I'm curious to see how you're doing. Have you had more bleeding? Have you been back to the dr? I have my next u/s on Monday - and have been spotting pretty consistantly for one week. Monday can't come soon enough - and I'm trying to stay positive, but I can't help but be scared and a bit doubtful. I hope you are well...


rns91294 - July 7

I just started spotting today at 5 wks 5 dys. I am a bit nervous about it as this is my first pregnancy. My Dr appointment is next week. It is a very light brown, and not on my underwear, but when I wipe after going to the bathroom. I really hope this is normal.


RMC - July 7

Everyone keeps telling me that it is normal and not to worry. But of course, I do worry. Especially since I never had this in my 3 previous pregnancies.


Erin15 - July 9

Is anyone still spotting? For me it comes and goes. I haven't spotted at all for 2 days now. I have an ultrasound set for tomorrow, so I'll know for sure (for now anyway) what the deal is. Here's hoping we see the baby still and we see a heartbeat. I hope all is well with each of you.


rns91294 - July 9

No longer I lost the baby yesterday. It was not painful and no heavy bleeding. This was our first, ad we are both still young, or I like to think so (we are 29), so we will just try again in a few months. I wish you all the best of luck!


RMC - July 9

Erin15 - I haven't spotted in three days, so that's a definite plus as it was pretty continuous for the 4 wks that I was.


Erin15 - July 9

rns - I'm very sorry for your loss. You are young and I hope you are able to conceive again when you are ready. I'm 28 - had my first pregnancy and m/c 3 months ago. Once you've been through it, it makes subsequent pregnancies very stressful. I wish you healing and good health. RMC - How far along are you? When was your u/s amidst the spotting?


crystal74 - July 9

rns - i am so sorry.... that scares me to death now. i started spotting brown on friday but only on the tp when i wiped. they had me go in friday to do a blood test and then again today to check if the value of my blood doubled. i am still spotting brown, very light, on the tp , sometimes when i wipe. did yours turn into blood? i hope this doesn't mean i will have a m/c.



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