Brown Discharge

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crystal74 - July 9

rns - i am so sorry.... that scares me to death now. i started spotting brown on friday but only on the tp when i wiped. they had me go in friday to do a blood test and then again today to check if the value of my blood doubled. i am still spotting brown, very light, on the tp , sometimes when i wipe. did yours turn into blood? i hope this doesn't mean i will have a m/c.


Steffer - July 9

I am in the same boat as well, I have been spotting brown for about a week now and my doc appointment is not until Thurs. I had a m/c in april and am so scared that this is going to happen again. Every little feeling in my stomach makes me so scared, but knowing that I am not the only one going through this a it is not necessarly going to end up bad, gives me hope. Thanks everyone


rns91294 - July 10

crystal, don't worry. My dr said it was completely normal. It started Friday, and Saturday the spotting was heavier, and at one point was bright red. It was still only when I wiped and not getting on a pad. I had weird pressure on myuterus that Friday night and just knew something wasn't right. My body really did let me know something was not right and on Saturday, I knew what was going to happen even before it did. I was only 5 wks, 6 dys and had no u/s. My first appointment was still 4 days away. I know spotting is very normal, but mine happened only with in a matter of two days. My friend bled like she had a period and now has a healthy baby boy, so this can be okay. I wish you all luck. I know future pregnancies will be stressful, but I can not wait to start trying again. I will keep you posted!


crystal74 - July 11

well good news, my spotting stopped as of sunday. i went in twice for blood work and my blood value more than doubled within 48hrs. since i have A - blood , i have to get shots throughout the pregnancy. i have an ultrasound today, i'm just hoping that my dh will be able to take the time off work to come. if not i'll be alittle heart broken


Erin15 - July 11

Things went well at my u/s. We were able to see the baby with a healthy, fast heartbeat at 7 weeks 5 days. Even though I've had brown spotting, it's developing just as it should. The dr. told me to put my efforts that I've been giving toward worrying about spotting, to something I can control, like nutrition and exercise! Very positive encouragement and I really need it!! While it's hard to ignore, and important to pay attention to, it is also healthy to remember it is fully out of our control. I begged for another appointment in two weeks, so I get to go back to see if things are still good on July 28th! I'm a bag of nerves since my first pregnancy was a m/c. Fingers crossed...


Evey - March 26

Hi, I am really relieved to see that I am not the only woman with this problem. I am 7 w pregnant and I have brown spotting which gets heavier or lighter for 6 days now. I dont have any cramps or pains. I went to the doctor with the though ..ok a problem on the way. But on the ultrasound was everything fine. Now here comes the trouble.My doctor prescribed for me Pregnyl 5000 injections and Utrogestan. I have been taking this Utrogestan for two days now and dont really see any changes. Spotting is still there. Please can somebody tell me if its safe for me to be taking this and even start with those injections.


ahay - March 26

Evey- You have to trust your doctor. I also had bleeding at 7 weeks and they said it was implantation bleeding. As long as the blood stays brown and is not accompanied with cramps then you should be fine. just make sure to trust your doctor.


Evey - March 27

ahay, thank you so much for your answer. I must say I have never felt so desperate in my life like I feel now. Every morning I wake up running to the toilette hoping it has stopped, but it didnt. Please how long does this torture normally take. The doctor sent me home for a complete bed rest for seven days. Those days are soon to be over and what will be then. I am hoping for your answer


ahay - March 27

Evey...My doctor told me sometimes the discharge can last for weeks to months. But like I said if it isnt bright red bleeding with cramps then you have nothing to worry about. JUST stay off your feet and take it easy. It should subside. Have u had an ultrasound?


mommyinmiami - March 27

OMG!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Based on my LMP I am 7.5 weeks, so I went to the bathroom today and noticed a lil brown clump along with some discharge and I lost it! I tried to calm down and relax but I get so nervous cuz I just turned 30 and this is my first pregnancy EVER. I know the first trimester is the most critical in my baby's development so I get worried at times but I just keep praying. This site is soooo helpful and good luck to you all.


Evey - March 28

ahay, I have had my ultrasound done just when all the brown craziness started and everything was fine there. Still the doctor sent me home and right now I am one day after my first Pregnyl 5000 injection. It seemed to help but today I found a little brown spot again. I feel like its an up and down game. As far as I feel I won, it comes back again. You know before I wished for a girl, but now I just pray for a healthy baby at the end of my pregnancy


Kells30 - August 9

Rns- I too am having this right now and am 8 wks. I go to the doctor tomorrow but this has been happening since Sunday. I called and spoke to the doctor and a nurse and they both said that as long as it's not bright red and I'm not cramping, it probably isn't anything to worry about. I only see the brown goo when I wipe. I didn't have this with my son so I'm freaking out. It looks like brown snot or goo. Stringy like when your ovulating but brown. It was light pink at first but is now brown. I have PCOS so it worries me to death. I hope all is well for you, all the ladies and myself. 



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