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Allison - July 5

Well, not to be a downer, but after 3 weeks of brown spotting (I should be 9 weeks today) I went in for an U/S and all they could see was an empty sac. In my mind, I really wasn't surprised, I never had a real good feeling about this pregnancy and never really felt connected to it - you know? Now it's a waiting game until it pa__ses. I wish you all better luck....


Alexa - July 5

Allison How long did you experience the brownish discharge? Did you still experience symptoms of pregnancy after the miscarriage?


Cabbie - July 5

Alexa, I am so sorry for your loss. I just experienced my first d&c last Wednesday. I had gone for my first check up at 9 1/2 the previous Friday and found that the baby had died very early. The sacs were still perfect and growing. My dr said it would be a while before I physically miscarried (4 weeks or so) which would put me at 14 weeks of build up to lose. He did a d&c to keep me from having a hard time physically. Because my sacs were growing still, they were still putting off the pregnancy hormone therefore making me have regular pregnancy symptoms (extreme fatigue, nausea, heartburn, sore b___sts, etc). These have only began to wane since my d&c. Good luck to you and I will be checking back to see how you are doing.


Cabbie - July 5

I also had a brownish discharge for two days, an hour each day. This was only when I wiped.


Allison - July 6

Alexa, I had brownish discharge, with no pain or cramping for about 3 weeks (actually I'm still having it and haven't "miscarried" yet). I have a "blighted ovum" which means that nothing really ever developed after 5 weeks (when the spotting started). I'm sad, but hopefull that three times will be a charm.


Cabbie - July 6

Mine was also diagnosed as a blighed ovum.


Lea - July 6

I'm sorta like the others. Started getting brown discharge at around 5-6weeks. It was never a large amt, but still enough to show on a pantiliner and when I wiped. I had a m/c by my 7th week and had a d&c shortly afterward. I've had several friends go thru the same thing. I think the key thing for me was that it didn't stop after a day or two. It was continuous for at least a week. And when I went in for my first dr's visit and she did a pelvic, I saw the amt of brown discharge after she did her exam. I knew right then and there that the pregancy was going to have issues. I think some occasional brown spotting is normal, but anything that sticks around daily for more than a week, needs to raise some caution flags with your dr. Don't be afraid to ask for progesterone levels or hcg levels to be tested.


lbw - July 6

Well, I have had exactly the same spotting everyone is talking about. I am currently on a week of bedrest. My spotting turned to bright red blood, with some clotting. I went dor an u/s and the doct. found a heartbeat. She told me to stay off my feet for at least a week. So far, no more blood, but occasional brown sotting. I am praying for a safe pregnancy, and I am hopeful.


Raylynn - July 7

I'm 6 weeks and 1 day, I started having the same thing this morning when I was getting ready for work. It's small light brown spots, only showing when I wipe, and I'm not having any pains. I had a miscarriage about 2 months ago, and you can only imagine how much I'm freaking out right now. Does anyone has a suggestions.


lbw - July 7

Raylynn, I suggest taking it easy. This is our priority right now. My doctor insists I stay in bed for a week. I don't think you should do that, since all you had was the brown spotting, but definitely don't do anything strenuous.


KB - July 8

To Raylynn & others with brown spotting... I had the same thing from 6w3d-6w6d WITH cramping, and everything is fine so far (I'm now 12w2d). As scary as it is, try not to worry because brown spotting can be a perfectly normal symptom of early pregnancy. I still think it's a good idea to see your doctor, though, since a quick ultrasound should be able to you some answers (and hopefully) rea__surance that everything is going well. Good luck to you all.


anynomous - July 8

i am experiencing the same thing but im not pregnat


keeeley - July 11

its a misscarage


A.C. - July 11



mnp - July 13

I am so freaked out right now. I think I am also near to 6 wks pregnant and I also have brown spotting. I went in for the ultrasound and they saw the black circle or sac (but no heart rate yet) -- I am supposed to go back in in 2 weeks for the "real ultrasound". the comments that the sac never developed and it was a miscarriage really scares me -- what if this is the same thing?


Cara - July 13

Hi all, I am approx 9 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing brown spotting for the past 6 days. Just the size of a coin and it discharges only once a day. Worry is the discharge smells (like the brown discharge when the period is finishing up). I went in to my doc this evening and he is concerned that the spotting has been continuous for the past 6 days. I have no experience of cramping or bright red spotting. I am due in for a scan in 2days time. After reading most of the posts here made me a little comforted except for one from Cabbie. I am also 9 1/2 weeks too. It is our first baby and I hope I have good news for everyone on Friday.



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