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SuzieQ - February 9

Hi everyone. I am so scared. I am 6w4d and I have brown spotting today. I know it's "old" blood but I am terrified of miscarrying. I have had two m/c's in the past year and I was really hoping everything would be ok this time. Has anyone had this and been ok?


SuzieQ - February 9

all right.. ... I'm not feelin better here..... ???


Kim L - February 10

Hi Suzie: Okay first thing's first - don't panic. Brown spotting and even red spotting is often a normal part of early pregnancy. I've also had two miscarriages so I completely understand your fear. Any time I had spotting of any color I always called my doctor's office right away and had them schedule me for an ultrasound so that I could see everything was okay. Have you contacted your nurse or doctor yet to do that for you? I'm sure they would - I think most insurance companies cover scans when the mom is spotting and miscarriage is a concern. I've heard many stories of women bleeding RED and HEAVY throughout their pregnancies and delivering perfectly healthy babies. Try not to panic yet! Let me know how you're doing. xxoo


SuzieQ - February 10

Hi Kim, thanks for your response. I went to the doc, my cervix is partially open. The spotting has tapered off and I got a Rhogam shot (I'm Rh negative). I have an ultrasound on monday, so maybe I'll know then for sure. My doc told me to expect a m/c as this has happened twice before. I'm feeling pretty down, but at least he's going to recommend a fertility specialist now.


Kim L - February 13

Hi Suzie, I'm sorry to hear that things are looking glum. Let me know how your ultrasound goes today. I know how diffficult it is to be positive when this has happened before, but I'll hope anyway that you're just getting a scare and all is well. Let me know and take good care. xxoo


SuzieQ - February 13

Well, GOOD news! heart rate of 128 bpm, and my pumpkin is measuring 6w6d (and i"m 7w1d according to lmp). Is 128 good? the tech said it was, but I'm still scared to believe. i know the rate of m/c drops after seeing the heartbeat, but this happened last time too. I gues I'll start to really believe it when I'm done the first trimester. I have no idea why I'm getting brown spotting. The tech said it was probably implantation bleeding. ??? At least I can keep my hopes up for a few more weeks :) Thanks Kim



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