Brown Spotting

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just wondering - September 12

why is there brown spotting? and why is there an odour?


Samara - June 7

The last time I had brown spotting, that was a sign of a miscarriage. I've miscarried 3 times very early in the pregnancy, possibly only 2 weeks after, but each miscarriage, I always started to spot and bleed Brown. Red would continue eproximately the next day.


Krista - June 8

I too have had brown spotting for about 3 weeks. The dr. was not concerned and told me to drink more water. After it continued I went in for a HBC which came back very high, so good news right? I went for a sono yesterday and no heartbeat was detected. Maybe I am just to early along. I am still spotting brown but have not had an red blood or cramping. I am hoping this is a good sign. Did you ask your dr. about the spotting? I'd be interested in her answer. :)


surene - June 10

I had brownish/pinkish spotting and miscarried at 8 weeks. I am now 7 weeks pregnant, and occasional spotting occured again. Went for a sonar yesterday, baby is fine, steady heartbeat and all. SO IT IS NOT ALWAYS BAD NEWS but consult your gynea. Good Luck!


cammy - June 10

I'm so sad. I started to have brown spotting yesterday and still continues today. I went and had a v____al ultrasound and the result was no heartbeat. OB/GYN indicated a miscarriage. I chose to not believe. I'm 9 weeks along the pregnancy. I asked for a 2nd ultrasound to be conducted next week.


kammie - June 10

I also have had brownish spot. no miscarry yet, thank god


latisha - June 10

dont get down god is still n control. same here. pray and stay strong.


cynthia - June 11

i had the same thing happen to me and everything is still good. thank god Keep your head up high and pray too god to help you though what ever you need remember hes always there for you even though you cant see him he's there look on the good side of things


Billie - June 23

I'm 6 wks and having brown spotting also. doc says nothing to worry about but I'm still scared. I have an appt in 1 1/2 wks.


Sarah - July 1

When I miscarried, it was brown spotting for a couple of days, followed by red...


lon - July 2

i didnt get me period when i was supposed to i took a test and it said negative but yesterday i got brown blood only when i wipe what is this ??? help please


stacyann36 - July 2

I actually woke up this morning and had some brown spotting when i used the bathroom and wiped..I also later in the day had a touch of red blood only when i wiped..I am only 8 weeks along, i called my doc 2 times today about this and was a__sured that it was normal for some women and can be a number of different things..she told me not to worry unless i have hurtful cramping and/or red blood and or/blood clots pa__sing...i am looking on the bright side and praying things are ok, i dont go in to see the doc until july 13th..this is my 2nd baby and it is already so much different than my first pregnancy..I know it is in gods hands, and what happens is his will...good luck


Lisa - July 4

I would suggest to talk with your doctor and let him know. The smell sounds like you may have a yeast infection. They should test for it.


cc - July 13

7 weeks and light spooting with a bit of what seems like very small amounts of membrane - day two - very light...waiting doctors call....


Katelyn - July 14

I am 4 weeks along and yesterday I started spotting... brown discharge very light but it is there I am no it is. I want to think that everything is ok but I had a uneventful pregnancy in Dec. This is how everything started the last time. I dont know I hope everything will be ok. I have had a mild backache for about 1 week. I have had no other cramping but how I worry that this too will end in a D&C.


Ellen - July 19

I started to get the "brown spotting"about a week ago.I'm 7 weeks pregnant and am pretty worried myself.The odor, i dont' have ,so I can't help you there.I phoned my Doc. and she told me to get some rest,put my feet up and don't do any heavy lifting or Vaccuuming even(gotta follow doc.'s orders!!).She said if it gets worse and more of a reddish color.then to come in.I hope that helps you a little!


kkk - July 27

OMG. What do I do? I'm only 17 and I may possibly be 3 weeks pregnant. I am experiencing brown discharge for the past 4 days.. and today I experienced a little red when I wiped. What's wrong with me?



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