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Amandalynn - February 7

Hello, this is my first pregnancy and I am sure I a little paranoid but off and on I have been having brown spotting. I know some spotting and cramping is normal but I wasn't sure if the color is anything to worry about. I don't see the doc for another two weeks. I think I am about 6 wks pregnant now. I read that brown spotting can be linked to ectopic pregnancies so now I am really worried!! My freinds say I should stop reading so much and relax. Thanks for any responses!


Whisper - February 7

I had some brown spotting at the same point. It was on and off for a day, then stopped, then came back a little bit a day later but less, then I havent seen any since and all is going well. I read somewhere that as long as it doesnt continue for more than 3 days, isn't accompanied by bad cramps, or isn't red and/or clumpy then its probably okay. If it was ectopic you'd probably be feeling some significant pain. I wouldnt worry about it too much, just keep an eye on it, and let your doctor know when you can. Chances are its nothing and totally normal, so no panicking! Hehe, I know, easier said than done. I was a big ball of stress when I had my spotting, and even still watch for it every time i go to pee. =)


Amandalynn - February 7

Thank you so much!! I am gald all is going well for you. I can't wait to go to the doctor, now knowing if everything is ok is torture. Thanks for responding.


lovestruckjsw - February 8

its perfectly normal as long as there is no cramping and lots of red blood. I had it at about 6 weeks and 8 weeks but found out from the doc alot of time that happens because the uterus is stretching and you just may have had a tiny bit of of old blood still in there. I still watch for it too at 12 weeks but you feel more and more calm about things as time goes on. :)


Cerendipy - February 8

I had the same thing! I had it right after I got my BFP, then it stopped, and started again a couple of days later for a day, and then stopped again. The Doctor said the same thing the other ladies have said, as long as there is no cramping, its light and not red, no problems. He told me to not BD or exercise for a little while, just to make sure everything sticks. :) GL and try to worry (I know, its impossible!)


squished - February 8

I had the exact same thing that started at 6w and went on for a couple of weeks. My doc said that it's completely normal and now I'm 17w and everything is great so far!


Amandalynn - February 8

Thank you all so much!! I feel netter knowing its not just me!! Good luck to all of you.


crackersforme - February 8

Please read my post "to those who have bled...)..I just updated it now. This sounds kind of what I had today, although I had what looked like tissue? But not much. But it was really really dark red...pretty much brown with maybe a red streak here & there? Amanda...did you read about the ectopics spotting brown with tissue? I was having some cramping, but I've been having cramping for approx. 2 weeks now off & on.



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