Brown Spotting And 5 Wks Pregnant

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Natasha_26 - July 10

Hi.. I have noticed some brown spotting from yesterday ( Sunday July 9). It doesnt show when I wipe with toilet paper but there are abt 2 or 3 stains on my underwear. I had a pap smear done on Saturday and it really hurt a lot. Do u think that it could be becoz of that? Has anyone else had spotting after pap smear? I went to the doctor and she said to wait it out and she if it gets worse. I am so worried. This is my first pregnancy.


RMC - July 10

I had similar spotting, Natasha. Nothing when I wiped, but a few spots in my underwear. I brought it to my doctor's attention & they did some bloodwork & 2 ultrasounds, and determined everything is fine. I had it for about 3 1/2 wks and it has finally stopped.


sapi - July 11

Hi Natasha-I have a similar question I am about 7 weeks and have had no spotting. Today i went for my first appointment and the doctor did a pap smear when i came home I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was some dark red blood. I am almost pos it was from the pap smear.


marylou - July 11

Just to ease your mind.... I am a registered nurse and have also had the same thing in both of my pregnancies. Brown discharge usually is "old" blood which is nothing to worry about most of the time. It can be from a pap smear, vigorous v____al exam or v____al ultrasound or even s_x! And it doesn't come out until a few days, sometimes up to a week, after the event. So, unless you have cramping or clots of blood or grayish material... you are probably fine. Welcome to pregnancy... as gross as it is sometimes, it is still so amazing in the end! Hope this helps you both and good luck - I promise it only gets better.


marylou - July 11

Sapi - it is very common to have some light spotting after any v____al exam - just call you doctor if it makes you feel better and he/she will rea__sure you as well.



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