Brown Spotting X 1 Day And No Sac

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rjames94 - February 16

I'm pregnant for the first time at 32. My last period started on 01/05/2007. I spotted dark brown for one day on 02/12/07, called my Ob/Gyn and had a va___al ultrasound showing a sac but no yolk or baby. I had a HCG level drawn afterwards that showed 20,000. I have a repeat U/S on 02/21/07, but I am going crazy until then!! Any advice? Thanks


Michelle_in_PDX - February 16

Hi rjames, I know of several pg ladies who had very early U/S around 5 weeks and had a gest sac and no baby--and then went back after a week or so and everything was fine. I think your HCG levels are great, and that 5 weeks is still early for seeing the baby for many people. Perhaps you can ask your OB/gyn for another HCG before 2/21 so you can ease your mind--I don't want to tell you not to worry, because that is impossible, but try to distract yourself as best as possible, and try to take it easy for the next week. Lots of women have spotting around the time of their first missed period. I am 7 weeks 4 days and I had spotting on 2/14 and went in for an u/s and everything is ok. Good luck to you!


Bellas Mom - February 16

hey rjames, I never had the spotting but I did have an u/s at five weeks that showed a sac and no baby. I've gone back once since, and they didn't do another sono but the doctor was able to pick up a heartbeat, so that had me sooooo much more relieved. By the numbers I think you are more than fine. When you go back you'll see.... it's normal not to see something so early, perhaps dates are off by a bit, and in the very beginning it makes a huge difference on what you see. Let us know how everything turns out. Good luck and try not to worry :o)


rjames94 - February 16

Thank you so much for helping to ease my mind. I was thinking of asking to do another HCG..I'll call Mon Am and see. I will keep you all posted.



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