Brwn Then Pink Spotting

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bjovs1 - May 2

hi there, i am 5 wks 4 days and yeasterday i started with some brown spotting, later in the day it turned to a pinkish red colour, it is not severe but i have had some mild cramps with it, 2day i have had mild pink spotting, wot should i do, please advise


bjovs1 - May 2

hi, been to docs, they sending me for a scan on thurs 2 see if everything is ok, so fingers crossed, discharge has now turned back brown and is very light, still worried though, sara


kelley32 - May 2

Stay positive, I have heard that a small amount of spotting can be normal. Let me know what they say at your scan.


PoohBear - May 2

Hi. I had the similar thing happen to me around that time. When I went to my dr she said that half of preg women experience it and its usually leftover blood from implantation and that it will start coming out. She said as long as its not like a period that I dont have anything to worry about. Dont know if that helps. Let me know what the dr says.


bjovs1 - May 3

well the spotting seems to have stopped 2day, but i was told bed rest, so ive been lying on the sofa watching tv, i havent really had any more spotting 2day so, ive gotta wait till the scan, and see wot that shows, the reason im so worried is that i had a m/c at the beggining of the year, and the doctor is keeping an eye on me, thanks for you replies, i will let you all know wot happens 2moro, oh i was told by the doctor that i would probably have to go for another scan next week too as its too early to detect the heartbeat, ive never had a scan this early, so i dont know, best wishes sara


skim - May 3

It also happened to me at 7 weeks on a Thursday/Friday. Doctor ordered bedrest over the weekend. The bleeding stopped after 2 days but the cramps stayed. I went for a ultrasound on the following Tuesday. I was just over 7 weeks - we got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat which made me feel a whole lot better. Doc said that there was a little bleeding from the placenta. She said it is common and that it the issue often resolves itself as long as the bleeding and cramping stops. A little spotting and cramping on their own is normal, but you have to watch out when you get the combo. Best of luck!



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