Bulging Tummy

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holly - March 24

I am only 51/2 weeks along but my stomache is really starting to bulge out. Is this normal?


Heidi - March 24

I am 8 weeks and mine is doing the same thing. I have heard it is too early to be showing. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Andrea - March 24

Is this your first baby? If you are extremely thin you could start showing that early.


Livvie - March 24

Hey guys. I may be prego and I have this bulge under my belly b___ton. Where do u guys have it?


holly - March 24

yes, this is my first baby. I have always had a flat stomache but my stomache really started to stick out last Friday. I always heard you don't really start showing until your 3rd or 4th month unless it's your second child. I am worried that i might have more than one in there!


lilmum - March 24

I do too. I was told it's because your uterus swells and creates a thicker lining for the baby and it happens right away (like the b___b thing). It just doesn't seem to get any bigger for a while. One day you'll just look down and there's a huge ball attached to the front of you. http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/pregnancyphotos/l/blbellyindex.htm this link is to belly pictures from various women from 4 weeks to 42 weeks. It's really cool.


holly - March 24

Thanks so much. This site is impressive! It's nice to know that we can chat and help each other out. Congratulations to all of you!


Kim - March 24

I am having the same problem. I am a__suming it's bloating at this point since I am only about 8.5 weeks but I am not sure. I have my first appt. and u/s tomorrow - maybe I'll have double the surprise! Glad to know I am not alone. The toughest part for me is having to find suits to wear to work in the interim.


littlemrsb - March 25

Hi girls! It's so nice to know that there are people in the world who understand exactly what you are going through, isn't it?? I'm pregnant - 1st time, 8w,4d... and last wknd, my belly just popped out! I'm not a skinny girl, but have always has a small waist. From behind it's still there, but from the side, woah!... I look 4 mos already! I can't fit into any of my clothes w/o my belly showing... its round and hard. I too am wondering if I am having more than 1... everything I've read says 1st timers start showing @ 12 wks. I get my 1st u/s on Monday.


michelle - March 26

me too nearly 5 weeks and showing already clothes tight and will not be able to hide for much longer...on clomid and released two eggs so i'm wondering if its twins.. my waist is quite small but from front and side i look at least 3-4 months... i don't have a flat belly in first place but not normally this bad!!!


Livvie - March 26

Hey guys! I have a question, can someone describe exactly where belly usually begins to form? Is it a bulge right under belly b___ton? Thanks :)


Kit - April 3

This is my first baby,but it is weird that i always vomitting, when i stoped taking some of the vomit drugs....now is almost 4 monthes...is it normal???


Kim - April 3

I think your height has something to do with it, as well. I'm 4' 11", and I was very small with my first pregnancy.... I showed quickly (no where for it to go, I suppose). This time around I've packed on some unwanted pounds, but again, I'm showing quickly at 8 weeks. Don't worry--- the bloating in the beginning does mellow out a bit in the coming weeks. Good Luck!


Carol - April 4

I am 7 and 1/2 weeks and I have just started noticing that my pants are starting to get a little tighter. I can still wear them, but I know it won't be long before I can't. I noticed this with my jeans. I think it is normal at this point for clothes to start getting a little tighter especially with the bloating!


A - April 4

Michelle, I am right with you. I am 5 weeks along and I look the same way! I was not on clomid, but I am a fraternal twin and I am starting to get a little scared it might be twins as well...


Ashley - April 5

hi! i'm 11 weeks pregnant. at about 7 or 8 i really noticed my stomach get hard. i'm not a lot overweight but i'm not skinny either but right below my sternum got really tight. it is still like that now. i've also noticed my hips widening too. fun stuff eh girls? :)


Angela - April 5

Holly-I am about 6wks pg and my pants are gettin kinda tight! I am a pretty slender woman and had a flat tummy, but i have a bulge now! but im not worried at all..is it wierd that i can't wait to buy maternity clothes? lol



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