Bump In Cervix Is That My Uturus Entrance Hanging Low

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Jessy - May 2

In my 1st trimester at 2 and a half months pregnant (after 2 pregnancies w/c-sections) I found this bump deep (at the end) in my cervix that has a little hole in it...could this be the entrance to my uturus just hanging from being stretched out by the other pregnancies? It never did this before on my other pregnancies..I'm very prone to have yeast infections....especially during pregnancy, so I try to keep them at bay by keeping myself very clean in there...what do you think it is..and has anyone had this before?


Jessy - May 4

Please, ANYONE have this experience?


e - May 4

what do you mean, a bump deep in your cervix? If you are pregnant, your cervix should be closed....Actually you should never be able to feel IN your cervix, unless you are dilating you have a baby...


e - May 4

sorry i meant if you are dilating when you are having your baby...


Jessy - May 5

I thought the cervix was the inner v____al ca___l...to let you know what I mean..my Husband can touch it w/his p___s w/o a problem during intercourse...it's not WAY back THAT FAR..only as far as a p___s could go into the v____a..that's what I'm talking about....sorry I wasn't clear..I'll fix that on my other threads so I can get answers rather than questions..thanks for your input e!


e - May 5

Jessy--your cervix is the opening to your uterus...ok think of an upside down pear. you know the tip of the pear where the stem is? that is like your cervix. your v____a is the opening AND the inside tube like thing that your dh's p___s goes into...so if you put your finger inside your v____a, you should be able to feel your cervix, which that is exactly what it feels like, a big bump with a little hole in it. Your cervix fits down into the end of your v____a. When dh and I have s_x he is always able to touch my cervix with the end of his p___s. Sometimes at different phases of your cycle it can be up higher, but I know mine is always within fingertip/p___s reach. I hope this helps you some.



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