C Section Anyone Need One Or Want One

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Kira - January 10

Im 21 and this is my first. Im 10weeks now and i've decided that i want a csection. I have crohns disease(stomach disease) and have had stomach surgery before. The main reason is because of retum tearing. I know that you can really do some damage down there and i already have tearing so i dont want to strain my poor body. My first appointment with a specialist is Jan.30th, hopefully they see it my way.


FYI - January 10

You need to do a little bit more research about rectal tearing during a v____al birth than you have done. It's not that common to get 4th degree tears as most doctors will give you an episomity that may only require a stich or two. Honestly from having a v____al birth and having a number of friends have c-sections, I would never want to have on on purpose. Your only ten weeks pregnant right now and I honestley think that you need to do a bit more thinking regarding the same. Just because you have Chron's Disease does not make you a canidiate for a c-section. Two people in my family have the disease as well and have had perfectly fine v____al births.


Been There - January 10

I've hear of the v____al tearing, but I've never heard of rectum tearing during delivery. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I think the chances are slim since the baby is coming out of the v____a and not the rectum. You may want to consider v____al deliver, especially if you have stomach problems.


don't know - January 10

It looks like if you have a history of fistulas and other a___l problems with your crohns, more drs are recommending csection. Your dr is the best one to consult obviously. You might think about writing on the third trimester board to see if anyone is experiencing this as they are about to deliver and what their drs say.


S - January 10

I don't want a c-section. I have some friends who have had them and recovery sounds worse with the c-section. I think it is something that you and your doctor should discuss in detail. Mostly I wanted to say that there is a board specifically for c sections on this website. I hope that whatever happens you have a healthy baby and you recover well.


Hi Kira - January 10

Just to balance things up, I have had two c sections (first for preterm baby and second elective). I had no problems with my recovery, bonding with my baby etc. A straight forward v____al birth is great, but if you do have a large tear/difficult delivery, you can be left with worse problems than the time it takes to recover from a c section. Once you make your mind up though I would keep it to yourself and dont take on board any anti comments. It's your body and you have to do what you feel comfortable with. Good luck! PS my mum has Crohns so I know what a terrible disease it can be to live with!


Kira - January 11

Thanks gals for responding. My tearing is severe enough that it will interfere with a v____al birth. I called my specialist and he is writing a recommendation for a c-section. With the types of problems i've had a v____al birth would be more dangerous- especially if i have any fistuals attaching the uterus to intestine. Thanks to 'Hi Kira' i know a lot of people have different opinions and i respect them. My last surgery was major (worse than a csection) and it was really good. I had minimal pain and healed very quickly. Im not naive, i know that every surgery is different but im sure this one will be just as good.


FYI - January 11

I did not say, Congrats on your pregnancy!! Happy and healthy nine months to you! :o)


DeeJay - January 13

I also want a c section. I do not have serious health issues, except I get very bad panic attacts that trigger my athsma, and even thinking about a "regular" delivery sends me for my inhailer! I put off getting pregnant for 8 years because of that fear. I am not afraid of much, but that to me is worse than death! I don't know why, it just is, just like people are afraid of stupid things like spiders, I am afraid of this, so I am willing to put up with the extra pain and recovery time. I wish I could talk my doc into knocking me out cold like they used to do! If men gave birth you can bet it would all be done differently!



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