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jessica - March 24

Hey gals....just wondering....I had cut out caffine entirely, but I saw on the view the other day that they have now found caffine poses no problems to pregnancy- ad my dr. said a couple caffinated beverages a day is fine- just wondering what you gals have been doing and your thoughts....would love a Coke right now.....


D - March 24

I rarely drink caffeine anyway, so I quit drinking it at all. But - if you have been drinking it daily, my doc said it is better to drink a little (1-2/day) than go through the shock of completely cutting it out.


jessica - March 24

really? hmmm....i'm not a big caffine drinker, but would love 1 a day! your doc mention any concerns about caffine then?


Nix - March 24

my doctor said keep it to one coffee a day OR 2-3 cola's and it shouldn't be harmful at all. Just try not to drink them in the evening :P


Kelly K - March 25

Same here.. my doc said it's fine to have 2 cups of coffee a day or 2-3 diet sodas. Just be careful of the sugar.


S - March 29

Hi, caffeine is really small amount. Just make sure you calculate also hidden caffeine/chocolate,cocoa, black/green tea/. I myself ,normally coffee lover, treat myself in the morning with one decaf/when I wanna cappucino in rest.,Wawa of Starbucks I always ask for decaf/....only because I drink 2-3 of green tea a day too, and that counts as caffeine.Just find a balance. Great thing is that even teas can be caffeine free, so there plenty of possibilities how to combine teas/coffees not to go over limit.


New Study - March 29

There is a new study that I read about recently where they are now stating that caffeine has been linked to early miscarriage. It said that 1 cup a day would be fine but any more may pose a risk. It also depends on the serving size because they were using a 5 oz. measure for a cup, which is pretty small. I don't think that a little will hurt but I have read in books that it's safe to have about 4 cups a day and that's probably a little too much. Maybe have one regular and then switch to decaf. As a side note, caffeine leads to bloating which can be a problem when you are pregnant.


jessica - March 29

Thanks for all the great info!! I switched to decaf coffee so i could continue to enjoy my coke or green tea.....and now i enjoy it that much more!!


Mardie - March 30

Hi, i cut caffine too, but i started getting very bad headaches, my doctor said to start having a coke about 3 times a day even with tylenol. She said your body will go through caffine withdrawl.



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