Calling All Ladies With A BFP Please Read

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curious george - October 4

This question might seem strange to some of you. I was wondering if any of you have had any tailbone pain. What I mean by this is: Does it feel like you fell on your butt and briused your tailbone? If anyone has this did you have it before you found out you pregnant?


j.s. - October 4



JJ - October 5

yes i had discompfort there which has now spread more around my pelvis. In my 2 previous pregnancy I suffered bad with SPD( symphysis pubis dysfunction) and I know I'm going to suffer again this time. I had to wear a supportbelt before and after birth as walkin,sitting was very painful. if your pain gets worse tell your dr. if you maybe suffering from SPD try to get in and out of bed,cars keeping your knees together so not to put pressure on you pelvis. SPD is not threatning to you or your baby its the softening of the tissues between the 2 pelvic bones that grind together( sounds yuck I know) but if your not aware of it ,it can become very painful in later pregnancy. no cure Im afraid. have a look on the internet for more info on it. good luck X


ya - October 5

i would be able to help if i knewwhat bfp means!! its so frustrating when ppl use abbreviations sorry at least put in brackets what it means.


cg - October 5

BFP. is abreviated for Big Fat Positive. meaning positive on the hpt. I am on my 3rd month ttc. I don't know if I am pregnant yet I am 3 days late for AF and I started getting this pressure on my tailbone. It actually feels bruised. But its only uncomfortable when I am sitting or when I get up from a sitting position. I have never felt this before and I was just wondering if it was pregnancy related. any info you can share with me will be so greatly appreciated.


Lacy - October 5

hi curious! I am now 10wks pg and I have also been having pains in my tailbone...sometimes a shooting pain when i first stand, or bend in a certain way...I mentioned this to doc, and he said, "thats one of the many aches and pains your body will start to feel" I am only 20 and had never had many aches at all before becoming its probly safe to say that it could be related if you are having the same experiences as i am.


cg - October 5

Hi Lacy, thank you for responding. I was wondering, did you have that before or when you found out you were pregnant? Could you share some other symptoms. I am so scared to test right now I fear a BFN.



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