Calling All Women Who Are In Very Early Stages

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BN - September 21

I just want to hear from women who are pregnant regarding what your VERY early symptoms were? I'm constantly reading these threads about women who felt something the week or two after conception?? My husband and I are ttc, and I am only at like 8dpo...and have not felt any symptoms yet. Of course, I know this means I may not be pregnant, or maybe I just dont feel symptoms yet, but how many women did not feel anything the first couple weeks after conception??


Tiffany - September 21

I didnt feel anything when I was pregnant with my son. I had one day of being sick, not even sure if it was related to being pregnant since I didnt find out I was pregnant for another two weeks. Yes we were ttc too. This pregnancy though has been interesting, I am 4 weeks this week, found out a week ago I was pregnant, have been tired and nausea with the occasional sore b___sts. Bout it. So every pregnancy is different hun. *baby dust* Good luck!!! Only advice I can give is try not to stress about it, it will happen when your not stressing, easier said than done I know. Good luck again!!


nina - September 21

Hi BN, I had on and off mild cramping the two weeks before af was due. I also had my left b___st get sore, then later my right b___st got sore too. The day I was due for af, the bumps around my nipples swelled right up. I'm now almost 7 weeks. Other than that I had no symptoms. Good luck....


Soph - September 21

I agree with Tiffany, don'y stress too much about it, I spent almost a year ttc and 8 months "swearing" I was pregnant, just to find out every month that I was not, I had all the symptoms you can imagine, and guess what? I'm almost 6 weeks now and my only symptoms were cramps for more than a week before af was due (still have some on and off) and 2 days after af was due, I started peeing a lot, other than that, nothing! So relax, have a lot of patience and enjoy the process. Baby dust to you!!


To BN - September 21

We conceived on July 23. My period was due on August 8th. One week prior, I had my usual premenstral type cramps (?), but I was anxious because we specifically had not been careful on the 23rd on purpose. The week before a/f I had the regular cramps and headaches (which I NEVER get). Then on the 8th I noticed that my nipples were dark dark red, almost purple and I said to myself that there was no way those nipples weren't pregnancy nipples! I was right. I took a test that day, 3 in fact, and all were positive. That's how I knew. (And also realized that those cramps, although exactly like period cramps, were actually pregnancy cramps). It was the nipples, though, that gave it away immediately.


Lateria - September 22

For my first child I did not notice any symptoms until about 8/9 wks. I'm now pregnant with my 2nd and I think I was more aware of my body, so I first noticed some cramping - similar to the first signs of a period. Also I have been extremely tired the past few weeks, and I have to use the bathroom constantly. But again with my first child I did not notice any symptoms until about a week after my dr. told us I was pregnant. Each pregnancy is different.


4 weeks - September 22

I'm just four weeks along, but I started feeling symptoms two weeks ago. First cramping, then spotting, then ravenous hunger. Hope it helps!


lou - September 22

I am 5 weeks and all I had was like period cramps last wek and then really sore b___sts - that's what done it for me - so did 3hpt all positive waiting on doctors one to come back!!just to be sure xxxxgood luck


Cyndi - September 23

I got my first sono on Sep 15, of course all that was their was a sac and yolk the doc said I was about 2-3 weeks from the time I concieved and my breats were already sore for 2 weeks so I guess I felt my first symptom a week after concieving.


To All - September 30

I went through a miscarriage back in July, but a week or so after my period started On Sept. 3, I have been having a ton of signs of being pregnant. I'm almost positive that I am, but since I had a miscarriage not too long ago, and that it happened around this same time, although we weren't trying, I am trying to keep myself from getting excited because I am paranoid about losing this one too. Has anyone gone trhough anything like that with any advise or helpful hints?


Sue - October 1

Well, to be honest, I've had two m/c's and just found out I am expecting again. Kinda worried, but doing ok today. This may be WAY too much info, but for each of my pregnancies, within days of conception I started getting constipation and I think that's my body's way of letting me know. We were planning on waiting a few more months before trying again this time, but last week I started getting constipated and susupicious, even though we were using protection. I got a positive hpt tonight and yesterday, and will get a blood test next week to confirm things.


carolina - October 1

I am 4 weeks and my first symptoms were tiredness, peeing a lot, and really sore nipples. i also gained a little weight. everyone asked me if i was pregnant before i even knew.


BN - October 1

Well, for anyone who is still reading this thread. I found out three days ago that I am pregnant. Even got it confirmed at the Doctors office. I'm sooo excited!! good luck to all of you


Sue - October 2

Congratulations BN! How far along are you?


BN - October 2

to Sue- I am 5 weeks. I honestly cant say that I have had any 'big" symptoms other than the dierrhea that only lasted about 12 hours. that was the day I found out I was pregnant. My b___bs are not sore (maybe slightly bigger nipples), no morning sickness, I'm not extremely tired. I know these things could pop up in the next few weeks, but just to those ladies who dont feel anything immediately.....dont give up b/c you could still be pregnant.


to BN - October 2

looking back now what were your signs and how early? how far along are you now? CONGRATS


Cathy - October 2

I started getting symptoms the week after we conceived, it all started when I woke up and threw up. Days later my stomach was upset every morning when I woke up and I threw up once in a while too - which is so uncommon for me. I also became extremely tired, even after getting 8+ hours of sleep at night. My b___bs started to get sore too. And finally I missed my period and took a HPT 3 weeks after we conceived (2 weeks after feeling sick). Good luck to you and your hubby!



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