Can An Abdominal Ultrasound Be Done This Early

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RA - June 3

Hi- I went to my first docs appt this past Tuesday, that would have made me 5 weeks and 2 days. She took an abdominal ultrasound and said that she didn't see anything. She got me so worried. I did some research and from what I understand, she should have done a va___al ultrasound this early in my pregnancy. Does anyone know if I should be worried? I am not sure what to think, she got me all nervous. Any advice....


no - June 3

she should have done the vag. ultrasound. the baby is too small to see the other way. at eight weeks i had a vag. u/s because we couldn't see anything the other way.


Jennifer - June 3

I had the v____al ultrasound up untill 11 weeks, then they switched to abdominal. Try not to worry though honey at 5 or even 6 weeks it's usually to early to see much.


Connie - June 3

I agrre also that a v____al ultrasound should have been done!! I had one at 6w 2d. I would request a v____al ultrasound so you can see your baby and hear its heartbeat to give you peace of mind!!!


JG - June 3

I had an U/S a day ago: abdominal showed a sack only and I got very worried, but the v____al showed the fetus and HB, and I am only 6 wks, So don't worry! :) and go for the Vaginal one!


RA - June 3

Thank you guys so much for the input. The doctor didn't seem to have any words of comfort. I don't think she even has the v____al ultrasound equipment in her office. So I decided to change my doctor. I am going to one that my sister recommended, that only does v____al u/s up until 10 weeks. Thanks again for the advice, it has really put my mind at ease.


Jessica - June 3

Hello RA. I am 8 weeks, 4 days. I had a regular u/s done yesterday, as well as a v____al. We could see the baby with the regular one, but you would not believe the difference the v____al one made. Everything was more pronounced and clearer. This is just a thought.........I do not know where you are located at, but here in Wichita (KS), we have several different, I will call them "pregnancy crisis centers", or what others would probably call pro-life centers that help pregnant women in need. These types of places typically offer free sonograms as an incentive to girls/women. I happened to know the sonogrammer her locally who worked at one, and was able to do mine for free. You may want to look in your local listings and call around. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Baby's there, just very tiny. It's hiding from you at the moment. Wait about a week or so, and get the v____al.


RA - June 3

Thanks for the advice Jessica. Actually, I have scheduled an appointment for June 9th with the new doctor. So I am hoping that everything will go well on that visit. I just feel the doctor just caused me unecessary anxiety. Thanks for the feedback, I do feel much better!


Jessica - June 3

RA- Be sure to post back and let us know how it goes!


trina - June 5

Hiya. I had an abdominal ultrasound at 6 weeks, and saw the little bean.


Vanessa - June 7

I am in the same position. I am only 4-5 weeks and they could not see anything onthe scan so they done an internal scan and they found my baby. Mind you, there was not much to see because it is so early but I do have a picture with a dark circle on it which I have been told is my baby! ha ha Please try not to worry, I know it is hard not too but eventually you will be able to see something - Good luck


Ashley - June 13

Don't worry. I went for an ultrasound at 5w6d and she said that the abdominal ultrasound wasn't accurate until about 11 weeks. The v____al ultrasound however gives a 100% view per the technician.


RA - June 13

Thank you all for your advice and support. I went to the new doctor last Thursday. She tooka v____al ultrasound and we saw the little bean. I was so relieved. She is an excellent doctor and made me feel so much better. Thanks again and good luck to everyone!



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