Can Anyone Ease My Fears

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Brandi - April 4

Im so worried, this is my first, I am due Nov. 25th and all anyone seems to talk about is miscarige. HELP! Anyone having there first and due around the same time let me know,maybe we can help eachother by emailing and talking about it. [email protected]


cara - April 4

hi Brandi-I too am having my first due 11/11-I am also exremely nervous because of all the talk of miscarriage. I have my first dr appointment this week-I'll be finishing my 8th week and I hope I' will feel better after speaking with the dr. I am scared and it's all I think about. I want to get excited but then I find myself not wanting to be disappointed. I would love to talk as well-have you been to the dr yet?


Jodie - April 4

Hi brandi I am due nov. 22nd. It is also my first. I am soo excited and nervous too. My first appointment is not until april 13th and the wait is killing me. I swear I take a pregnancy test every week just to "make sure". What a loser, i know : ) Anyways, I hope goes well. Good luck


M - April 4

Girls I know exactly how you feel. I was nevrous just like you when I first got pregnant. Now I'm 15 weeks and everything is going well. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck to all of you.


Kim - April 4

I felt, and still feel, the same way you all do. There is a lot of talk about miscarriage but the true rate is about 15% and so I reverse it to say that there is an 85% chance I will have my baby. After my first u/s at 8.5 weeks, my Doctor lowered my risk to <5% but there is still a risk. I am trying to be as positive as I can and know that everything happens for a reason. It also helps me to think of all of my friends who have been fine and have not miscarried. I can say that for me it has gotten easier with each pa__sing week. I am 10 weeks today and anxiously look forward to week 12. Our fears are normal - just try to be as positive as you can and take care of yourself. Good luck!


Misty - April 4

This is not my first pregnancy but I can tell you that it doesn't change the fact that I worry. I worried with the first one in the beginning about miscarriage, then, before they did tests, I worried about abnormalities, then towards the end I worried about premature birth. Pregnancy is just something that you don't have that much control over. The worry for one thing goes away, but for me was always replaced with something new. It is just that these fears are normal. So you aren't alone with them. Things can and do sometimes happen, just don't let that worry allow you to stop enjoying your pregnancy.


D - April 5

I'm a bit ahead of you... due Oct 15, but I understand what you're saying... I think that women who have everything go perfectly are less likely to frequent websites like this, and ones that have complications are (that's why I came here).... so its going to seem like there are more sad stories than the m/c statistics actually show...


Misty - April 5

Yes D you are right about that one. I never came to this sight until I started spotting with my last pregnancy. It made me feel better to know that I wasn't alone. I am o.k. with this one so far. But I have grown fond of a few people here and will probably stay until I deliver. It really is comforting to talk to other people in the same situaion that you are in.


lilmum - April 5

I totally know how you feel. My first child i worried about misscarrage, then latemisscarrage, then premature birth, and once he was born, SIDS. Now pregnant again, i am worried all over again. i think the fear is a good thing, it lets you know your going to be a good mom, if you can worry so much about someone you've never met.


Stephanie - April 5

Brandi, I can totally relate. I am 8 weeks today and that is all I can think about. I am due November 14th. I already had my first u/s at 6w1d and got to see heart beat and everything, but I am so scared that something bad is going to happen. Sometimes these boards just scare the heck out of me. My Husband told me that I need to stick with more positive forms of information, but I just want to know what other people are experiencing around the same time as me. I am terrified, my next appt. isn't until April 21st. I will be 10w4d at that point. So, hang in there, you are not alone!!!!


Brandi - April 5

Don't worry, if your not 12 weeks people tend to thimk the worst, I am 5 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and had a normal pregnancy the first time with a klot of cramping with this one. Read the Girlfriends Guide to pregnancy it covers everything and will even tell you things the doctor wont, it may even make you laugh if you let it. Congrats and good luck


Kim - April 5

I think that D put it perfectly in terms of people who have no problems may never come to a site like this. It's a great place for support but along with that you may also hear about more things that could potentially go wrong. It's nice to know that if something ever were to happen that is beyond any of our control that there are some great women here to turn to.


sml - April 5

Hi Brandi.... I am due right around your time.. Nov 24 and unfortunately your right miscarriage seems to be what most people are talking about and it is worrisome. Although I am having complications and have miscarried once already not that long ago... I am keeping postive and making the most out of it. This will be the first child for me as well... I wish you lots of luck and keep postive. If you worry too much it will just put added stress on you and the baby and drive you nuts (I know for me it does which is why I take it a day at a time)... Unless you are experiencing complications that cause you to worry...enjoy the pregnancy while you can because before you know it November will be here and you will begin changing diapers with me! Surprisingly I am looking forward to that part.



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