Can Anyone Feel Their Uterus Already

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michelle - January 27

this is my 3rd baby, and i sware i can feel my uterus, about an inch or maybe alittle more, above my pubic bone already! is this possible? iam 11 weeks today? does it grow faster since i have had children already? i don't know what else it would be, if not the uterus. anyone else feeling something hard down below yet?? mich__le


ekay - January 27

My sister could feel her uterus at about 11 weeks-it's her fourth.


Lori - January 27

I am 13.5 weeks give or take a little. Actually I think I am 14 weeks anyway I can feel mine about 3 inches below my belly b___ton. I think you are very normal.


Jenny - January 28

I just turned eight weeks and I think I feel my uterus. It is right above my pelvis. IIts kindof hard in one I think maybe it is...but not for sure


michelle - January 29

thanks girls! i think you are right, cause yesterday, i was using my at home doppler, and couldn't find the hb, like i always do, so of course i paniced. low and behold, the little one was almost a full inch higher up in the abdomen. i didn't think to look there, so the uterus must be growing fast! all my best to everyone!!


jessica - February 2

hi ladies...this may sound funny, then again maybe not....I've read some weird stuff on this site....anyway I think I'm 5-6 weeks preg. All neg test so far, but for the past 3 weeks my stomach has been getting harder, pants fit tighter, but no weight gain?!? I have this wall of hardness mostly around my belly b___ton area. It's hard like 5 inches all around there! Almost feels like there is some kind of bump or something right where my belly b___ton is, like right at the bottom of the hole. Any imput on this would help me out. thanks =)


ekay - February 2

Jessica, you wouldn't feel the uterus, I don't think, at 5-6 weeks. If you have had negative tests, and can feel hardness, I would maybe be concerned with cysts. I have heard on this sight that cysts can give the impression of pregnancy physically. Good luck.


Rachel - February 3

I'm very thin and first noticed I could feel mine at about 9 weeks. I was kind of surprised! Now at a little over 12 weeks it's about 3 in. below my navel. But doc. said all was normal :)



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