Can Anyone Help Me Dr Can T Find Heart Beat

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want a baby - March 17

lmp first day 12th not sure how many weeks i am. so i went to the dr. yesterday and she could not hear the baby's heart beat!!!!!!! i am sooooo worried she told me that i have to come back in 2weeks. i am so scared this is my 4th kid and is going to be my last but i never had this happen to my other ones. can any one help and tell me how many weeks i am.??? she also told me that it might be cuz i gained some weight and that might be the reason why she cant heart it?? is that true???


D - March 17

12th of Feb or Jan? If it is Feb, then you are pretty early (about 5 wks) .... lots of people don't hear a heartbeat that early.


want a baby - March 17

sorry 12th of jan.


Misty - March 17

Even if it was the 12th of Jan. I figured out from a few ladies on this forum how to know when your period is going to come based on when you ovulated. It depends on how many days your cycle usualy is though 30..28...34... if you know how many days your cycle usually last let me know and I'll try to figure it out for you.


want a baby - March 17

its 28 days cycle. thanks for trying to help me out here cuz i am a sooo nervous and scared!!!!


bump - March 17



Heidi - March 17

My first day of my lmp was Jan. 13th. I'm at 9 wks today and heard the heartbeat on Tuesday. Don't worry though. It took her a while to find it and I've heard sometimes this is too early to hear it. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll hear it at your next visit!


Misty - March 17

OK so if I'm right that would mean you should have ovulated on the 26th of Jan. an egg can live for up to 48 hours so it would have hung around til' the 28th so lets go with the median and say you concieved on Jan. 27th. That was on a Thurs. and would make you 7 weeks pregnant today. Most people do see the babies heartbeat at 6-8 weeks so you are in the middle of that. Don't really know what to tell you sweetheart, if what I learned is right then you aren't out of the woods but their isn't necesarily(sp) a problem either. And I have no idea how weight affect seeing the heartbeat, if it does then I'm pretty sure you are OK. Good luck.


want a baby - March 17

thanks you guys!! baby dust to all ttc!


melissa - March 17

do you mean she couldn't find it with the doppler? if so, that is very common this early on. My SIL just had her 12 week appt and they couldn't find the heartbeat. they did an u/s and found it.


Stephanie - March 18

When I went to my 10 week appointment they could not hear the baby's heartbeat by Doppler. However, my doctor had an old ultrasound in the exam room and just quickly scanned my belly and we got to see the hearbeat again. If you were looking by ultrasound, I hear that the soonest you can typically see the heartbeat is 6.5 weeks. The Doppler is much later, though it depends on the woman for when they can hear it. Try to stay calm! Take care of yourself!


JS - March 18

I am 9 weeks and 1 day, due October 30th. First one! I heard the heart beat for the first time on Tuesday, but they told me that I am lucky that I am small because if I was any bigger, they probably wouldn't be able to find it so soon. They said that if you have any excess fat on your belly, it can make it harder to find the heartbeat. Also, I think it depends on how the baby is positioned. I wouldn't worry, it they think there is a problem, they will probably schedule an ultra sound. Good luck! Hey Heidi, we are exactly the same, my lmp was Jan. 13th too!


Becca - March 29

Sorry to hear that you didn't hear the heartbeat. I went to the doctors on March 21, was about 11 weeks and we couldn't hear the heartbeat either. I am a little chucky myself and she said it is normal. So maybe we will hear next time. Hope everything is well.


Misty - March 29

I'm sorry that I misunderstood your question. Farther up I was saying that maybe everything was OK but that you "weren't out of the woods" I said that thinking that they hadn't SEEN the heartbeat not that they hadn't heard it. Your definately fine. Doctors normally can't hear the heartbeat until at least ten weeks. :-)



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