Can Dreams Really

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DANI - March 12

tell you the s_x of your unborn babe? I seem to think that they can. When I was pregnant with ds I swore that I was carrying a girl and so did everyone else. Well, at about 2 mo. pregnant I had this dream that I was having a boy and in the dream I was able to see his personality, what he looked like and our mother & son relationship together. It was so exciting yet crazy. Now that I see my ds at 14 mo. he looks exactly like the boy in the dream. I'm pregnant again and I'm 8 weeks along and I had a dream last night that the ultraound showed a girl. In my dream the technicion showed dh & I 3 lines to show it was a girl. I guess with a girl you can see 3 lines. It was clear as day. So not sure if this dream signifies anything? What do you ladies think? have you ever had dreams like this and it came true


Tammy276 - March 13

No, dreams cannot tell you the s_x of your unborn baby.....these are just subconscious thoughts that come out in dreams. I've had dreams both of my pregnancies that I was having a girl and a may have a "feeling" about something, but in reality, if your dream "came true" it is more likely just a coinkydink.


DownbutnotOUT - March 13

im not sure with 3 of my babies I dreamed the correct s_x, maybe it is coincidence im not sure. this pregnancy I swear im having a girl I keep dreaming I am but the u/s tech said 60-70% chance another boy. really I couldnt care I just want a healthy baby in my arms but I will find out on May 31.


Kime - March 13

well i was having dreams that i was having a little girl and sure enough im having a girl. It's almost like a premonition or something. Who says dreams can't tell you things. I have deja vu all the time and most of the things come from my dreams so i don't know just depends on the person......


lissica - March 13

Well before i got pregnant i would dream of having a baby girl. But now that i'm pregnant all my dreams have been of a boy. So I guess I'll know for sure in another 8wks!


HalloweenBaby - March 13

When I was pregnant with my daughter I wanted a boy really bad and convinced myself that it was a boy. Every dream 94-5) that I had when I was pregnant started out as a boy but ended as a girl. I think that I knew all along that it was a girl but I was hoping for a boy. Now I wouldn't trade her for all the boys in the world!


Mommy1 - March 13

I don't believe in the dreaming of what your having is true. Me, my DH, and my MIL all dreamed we were having a girl...last Monday we found out it was a boy.


ginger6363 - March 13

I had two dreams last night. In one my baby was a girl. In the next, it was boy! So, for me, the dream theory doesn't hold water! :)


MrsShelton217 - March 13

I had dreams all the time when I was pregnant with my daughter. I just "knew" she was a little girl.... sure enough... I got my little girl! I also had dreams before I even suspected I might be pregnant (every time) and about a week later I would find out that I was expecting. I think it's a mommy thing. It's like a primonition (sp? lol) But I think we can dream anything... so i wouldnt bet its correct... but hey.... ya never know!


DANI - March 13

wow, there is a lot of responses here. yah, not too sure if the dream is accurate, but it was very accurate with ds. all i care about is h & h and if i get my girl that's great. it's just funny how dreams work and how real they seem, ya know.


sahmof3 - March 13

I had dreams with my oldest that he was a boy AND that he was a girl... and one very disturbing one where I gave birth to a kitten with a baby's face that could talk LOL. Obviously my dreams gave me very little info hehe. I never dreamed about babies with my next two pregnancies!!


MrsShelton217 - March 13

SAHMof3! I also had a dream of giving birth to an animal... but I had a litter of puppies! It woke me up! LoL


dukeblue1212 - March 13

I really hope dreams aren't any indication because every night I dream that I am going to miscarry.


HeavenisMine - March 14

I don't know if all dreams can tell you that, but I think it's fun when you have a dream portraying whatever gender the baby is. I had a dream I held a little girl, so who knows? I'd love a daughter!


Pipa - March 14

I had the weirdest dream, I kept trying to get my baby and they kept giving me the wrong one! Finally, they gave me my beautiful little girl and apologized explaining that they got some name cards confused! Don't know what we're having yet since I'm only 6wks5days but who knows? If anything, I'd say my subconscious is confused!


Allisonc79 - March 16

I was also having dreams I was having a girl, and sure enough thats what I am having. I think premonitions are possible, especially when they will be such a big part of you.


Allisonc79 - March 16

lol, thats hilarious sah, I have had dreams like that too.



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