Can I Have Ice Cream

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heather28 - February 24

You read so much about what to eat and not eat. I have no clue what I can eat anymore. I love Deli sandwiches, but I guess that's a NO. Can I have icecream? It doesn't say on any brands whether or not it's pasteurized or not. I need cheap and easy foods that I can eat safely. Any suggestions?


akmomma - February 24

the news is filled with food contamination warnings lately! It is very scary trying to decipher what to eat and not. Ice creams are pasteurized, so there a GO! But they say not to eat Deli sandwiches b/c of salmonella (which comes from bad food handling) and Listeria, (a nasty bacteria found sometimes in lunch meats that can cause meningitis). Just make sandwiches at home, and make sure the meat you are using is FRESH! And as always, practice safe food handling! Also see that every meat you cook is done, and not pink... Go for fresh fruits and veggies (you can buy organic for foods that you will eat the "skin on....i.e. apples, peaches, nectarines, ext...) But the foods that you eat the inside of, (i.e. bananas, watermelon, ext...) you don't have to worrie about buying organic .... For dinners, I always go with easy pastas, and sauces. There are some good sites out there on eating for two, just google it! GOOD LUCK, and HEALTHY EATING!


Mega - February 24

You can still have deli sandwiches, just be sure to microwave the meat for about a minute or until steaming, that will kill any risk of listeria (food borne illness). As for ice cream, that is pasteurized, so you're safe induldging in ice cream from time to time. They generally don't recommend soft serve though. Cottage cheese is good, high in calcium, pasterurized, so is yogurt, both of which are easy to keep at work. I usually get cubes of cheddar cheese as well. You can get single serve packets of carrots. I keep rice cakes on hand, and usually a jar of peanut better in my desk drawer. Soup is always a good option, esp. a vegatable soup. I stock up on V8 juice too. I hope this helps!


slackette - February 24

Another reason why deli meat and hot dogs are a no-no is because they contain sodium nitrate (a preservative - used as part of the curing process). I would still limit my deli meats and hot dogs (even if they are cooked and fresh) because of the nitrates. They have been linked to childhood leukemia. But I really think anything in moderation can't be that harmful. I have craved both hot dogs and italian subs, and believe me I enjoyed every last bite!!!!


Diva647 - February 24

OMIgod how can you NOT have ice cream? Soft, cold & creamy dairy things are about the only thing that doesn't give me heart burn. I don't normally like ice cream when i'm not pg but i'm loving it now!!! and pudding & yogurt. The only problem ice cream could give you is gas, so take a lactaid. If you're worried about the fat then eat frozn yogurt but go for it woman! (oh & i'm POS that ice cream in the usa is pasteurized, almost everything is here so no worries there. if you're in Europe it may be diff, but i bet it is too, it's just cheeses that u need to be worried about)


akmomma - February 25

Good tip on microwaving the lunch meats!!


aliciavr6 - February 25

ha I eat ice cream about once a day.


erinsoul - February 25

Ice cream is fine. My OB said deli meats are ok if they are 3 or less days fresh.


ChattyKathy - February 25

There are so many don'ts in pregnancy. Now, I'm not going to tell you not to be careful but many of those don'ts are just little warnings to be aware of. I still eat deli meats like on Subway sandwiches when it hasn't been heated. Its not the meat itself, its the worry about contamination. So, use your own judgment. If you're still concerned you can always get an opinion from your doctor. But in my opinion, no one has ever heard of a two headed baby or something because the mother ate a turkey sandwich.



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