Can I Join You All

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preggoplease - January 27

Hi I am Jessica. I am currently 4 weeks and 2 days preggo. I found out last Sunday on the 21st. I have been on the "signs of pregnancy board" while I was ttc. So now I have finally graduated to this board. I'm elated to be here. Congrats to all of you!


Shannon - January 27

hi! and congrats on your pregnancy too :)


javidsgirl - January 27

WELCOME TO THE FIRST TRIMESTER JESSICA !!!!!. so when are due ? is this your first babe?


flipthea - January 28

Congrats! Take it easy.


hapistuff - January 28

Hey Jessica, I remember you from the "signs" board. I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Rebecca. I remember the terrible experience with your previous doctor. How are you doing now?


preggoplease - January 28

Hi thanks everbody. Well I am due October 1st and I have 1 daughter already. She will be 2 in March. I'm so excited for her to have a baby brother or sister. hapistuff- Yeah I remember you. I am doing great, I got a new doctor and love him. The nurse ended up giving me both a blood and urine test and they both came out positive. So they told me that my old doctor probably just didn't do the test. So now I am very relieved.


Mrs.W. - January 29

hey Jessica - congrats!! Im due October 2nd...just found out a couple of days ago :-) I had a m/c in November and now trying again, praying for a healthy and happy pregnancy!


lawlady72 - January 29

Welcome!!!! Good to see you here.


lissica - January 29

Hi preggo! Hi hapi! I'm glad to be over here with you all. 4wks 1day for me today!I'm due Oct 11th.


ginger6363 - January 29

Welcome, Jessica!


hapistuff - January 29

lissica - Hey I am so happy to have you over here. Soon we will have to start a new thread of all the ladies from our pg signs board. That would be great!


lissica - January 29

Hapi that is a great idea! I can't believe i am actually writing something on 1st trimester. After months of yay! Plus're ahead of me a bit so you'll get the symtoms first then can warn me hehe.


hapistuff - January 29

lissica - As of right now I feel good. A few cravings, tired and sore bbs. And Psycho Chick has been rearing her ugly head. Oh ya and nausea a few times but nothing now. Today I am 5+2 days.


lissica - January 29

lol dh running from you yet?? Glad you're feeling well. I am really tired,b___bs sore off and on and had a headache earlier.This is just craziness. It will take a few days to get over i think.I'm glad we have a bunch of us to do this together.Has frozen been over here yet?


hapistuff - January 29

lissica - Yes Frozen is here on some other threads. BTW I did not intend to make fun of the belly pictures. It's just that I gain a little weight after my mom pa__sed and am not feeling the best about my body right now. Otherwise I would love to do the belly pics.


lissica - January 29

lol no i didn't think anything negative about your response. I just a__sumed you didn't feel so great about your belly like you said. Ya know..i just went out last weekend and bought some very fitted jeans...guess i should wear them while i can!MIght be awhile before i dig them out again.


hapistuff - January 29

Yes wear the jeans now and save them to see if you can get back into them soon after delivery.



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