Can I Still Be Pregnant After Bleeding Twice In Two Weeks

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Please help - October 26

Please help. I am SO confused. I am sure I am/was pregnant.. I have every symptom talked about including the most telling to me which are br___t soreness/shouting pains/fuller,changes to aereols(growing wider and darker, really weird),and feel sick at food, smells, etc( not all the time, but off and on throughout the day),tired,and my stomache is literally harder and bloated( I've been the same size for years and years and now I can't fit in anything just the last week or two).......anyway. I had a reg. period on Sept 12th....then about two weeks ago bleed for only 1 1/2days (not normal at all in length or consistency, mostly brown)...But now I am bleeding again only two weeks started late last night and is already getting less, but still happening. The strangest part is " I STILL have all the symptoms" where if this was a normal period, my br___t should go back to normal and feel soft again and not hurt anymore. Has anyone ever had bleeding.....and still just known they are pregnant and it turned out they are ??? Any help would be appreciated.Thank You!!!!!


Please!!!!!!!! - October 27

The bleeding has gotten heavier... anyone please......Have you ever had bleeding but still stayed pregnant??????????


k - October 28

why dont u do a test?


Oh My Gosh!! - October 28

Thats all you can say...gee, I never would have thought to do that one... wow. Thanks alot


wow - October 28

was hoping for alittle more help and or support then that.... thanks anyway


Julie - October 30

I bled for four days, had two days off, and then bled for another six when I was in my first trimester. Don't a__sume the worst. Bleeding CAN be a sign of miscarriange, but it can and does happen in normal pregnancies as well. You need to see your G.P. and have an ultrasound done to make sure everything is ok. My thoughts are with you- good luck (I'm now almost through my first trimester and things are looking up!)


Please help - November 1

Thank You SO much....I can't tell you how much it helps to just have someone else that knows this "roller coaster"... I have stopped bleeding and plan on trying a test again soon to see what it says now. The Dr. called again almost as confused as I am. Thanks again..........REALLY appreciate your kind words.......


Aryn - November 22

I am experiencing similar circ_mstances as well! I am pregnant. Confirmed by blood and urine tests. My hCG levels are actually high. I also have all the signs of pregnancy but... At 4 weeks 1 day I started bleeding just when wiping. Fresh red blood. It lasted a day and 1/2 and went away. I had no bleeding for 4 days then I started bleeding again. This time it is more like it would be on a normal period the last day or two. Enough to have to wear a pad. It has been going now for 2 days and I am on my 3rd. I am now 5 weeks 1 day pregnant. It's drama because I have sore b___sts/nipples, nausea, swollen stomach and abdomen and I am totally pregnant. I did not bleed with my previous two pregnancies and I am at a loss. I go in on Wednesday for an ultrasound. At 4 weeks 2 days all they could see was a thickening of the uterine wall. So how have things come out for you or anyone else who has experienced this?


Aryn - November 22

I wish you all the best of luck.....if your numbers are high, then evrything sounds good. You are just one of the few that gets bleeding during pregnancy...I guess it happens quiet a bit. I still "feel' pregnant and my stomache is harder and round, which is not normal for me, b___sts, nipples darker......but I am still getting bleeding, about every two to three weeks......I am still going through the roller coaster and praying for a miracle ;-) The ultrasound is still early... so they may not see a whole lot yet, but it sounds like all will go well. Sometimes the heart doesnt start beating until alittle later, so please dont let them freak you out if they cant see a whole lot, ok......... God Bless !!!!!!!!!



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