Can Someone Please Describe A Vaginal Ultrasound

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Curious - May 6

I've never heard of this until recently. Can someone explain this and why they would use it over a regular ultrasound?


lilmum - May 6

It's when they do an ultrasound through the v____a. They have a longer wand thingy that they use, covered in a plastic sheath, they insert into your v____a. They do this early in pregnancy usually because your uterus has not come above the pelvic bone, or not far enough above, to get a clear picture. They will also do it if you have a tilted uterus or some other reason that they can not get a clear picture. (like your placenta is right in front, but your not big enough to get a side view).


Monica - May 6

I just had a transv____al US and I was told I had it because I wasn't far enough along yet during pregnancy (4-5 weeks). That's pretty much all I know....


Jena - May 6

I've actually had 3 so far. First off, they aren't bad at all!! I don't know if you were worried or anything, but if you were - don't be :). It's just a wand, like lilmum said, and it's thin and doesn't hurt at all - I wasn't uncomfortable - just happy to see my babies! When you are early on in your pregnancy, a "normal" u/s isn't as clear - so when they do a v____al, they can do better measurements of the fetus and see what's going on much better - so they are more accurate. I'm 9.5 weeks and yesterday they did both - so at 9.5 you can see the baby from the outside, but the v____al one was much more beneficial. Hope that helps and that you get to see your baby soon!!


Curious - May 6

Thank you! I feel much more relieved now. It's just that my first appt next week is for an ultrasound, but they gave me no instructions for how to prepare for it.. such as keep blatter full etc. I have no idea which they are going to do. Thanks again for the relief!


SRG - May 6

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant, but before I had about 4 internal U/S. They are not so bad. It is great because you will get to see whatever there is showing already, and the heartbeating away. Right before you go in, make sure you empty your bladder. Good Luck!


Paula - June 22

I am 26 weeks pregnancy and my doctor told me i need an internal ultrasound at 34 wekks is this safe??



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