Can T Drink Water

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Gail - October 6

I'm in my 10th week and have been experiencing moderate nausea on and off (have only thrown up about 5-6 times so far). My problem lately is that I have no desire to drink anything, inc. water. Even when I am legitimately thirsty, i.e. after eating something salty, I try to drink water or juice and end up feeling sick. Water tastes awful to me (and before pregnancy I drank the recommended 8-10 glasses). Some days I can drink caffeine-free soda, other days I can't. Sometimes juice, iced tea or Gatorade taste good to me but sometimes they don't. Anyone else experiencing this? I am afraid I'll get too dehydrated!


Reb - October 7

Went through a few days like that. Have you tried it at different temperatures - either hot or cold? I also put about a tablespoon of lemon juice in my 32 oz ice water, and it helps. I have a large insulated cup with a straw, and I tend to drink more over time if I sip it all day long. If that doesn't work, how about sucking on ice?


Gail - October 13

Reb, Yes, it must be cold for sure. I had tried lemon juice early on but it seemed to trigger nausea (maybe too acidic). It has actually gotten a bit better in the past week. My nausea isn't nearly as bad, so I'm hoping that it's because I'm approaching the 2nd trimester. I have been enjoying decaf iced tea mix though. One thing that hasn't changed is that when I'm full after a meal I can't drink anything for awhile.


E - October 13

I used a straw and it helped me. I think what you are going through is normal. It sucks that your aversion is to liquids! Maybe you can jazz your drinks up with fun crazy swirly straws or something? Fool yourself into wanting the liquids? I know we are all adults but it can be fun to regress a bit.


Reb - October 13

Gail, I was thinking of you last night as I just couldn't think of a single liquid. Then I mixed up some Kool-Aid with half the sugar, and it actually tasted halfway decent. I am moving between water, iced tea and now the Kool-Aid. I am going to try to drink the Kool-Aid only when nothing else works - not sure what the chems are in it. I am just entering my 2nd tri too. I hope this nausea ends soon.



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