Can T Eat Healthy

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Lenore - May 18

I am 8 weeks pregnant and healthy food seems to repulse me. I have always been a very healthy eater and now that I am pregnant and it's most important to eat healthy I get sick of the thought of grilled chicken and and veggies etc. I am hoping this will pass after the first trimester, because I have already put on 5 pounds. Can anyone relate?


Lynn - May 18

I was the same way from about week 6 to week 10 or 11. I am usually a very healthy eater and was happy that I woul dhave to make very little chnage in my diet to accomodate the pregnancy diet but with the morning sickness all I craved was junk junk junk. I couldn't eat anything with protein in it - only sugars and carbs. I finally figured out that I could eat fruit though. During my 2nd month I gained about 6 pountds & then onc eI figured out the fruit thing It has tapered off. I'm now 12 weeks and back to my normal healthy eating sefl - only I'm really hungry. I have to eat about every 2-3 hours because I feel like I'm starving!


Kerri - May 18

Hi, I can definitely relate as I'am a bodybuilder who normally eats healthy too. But right now the thought of oatmeal, egg whites, etc. just nauseates me big time. I've also I believe put on about 4-5 pounds too and nothing seems to be appetizing anymore. So what I've tried to do is eat cereal and yogourt for breakfast and have crackers for a midmorning snack and lunch I've still been having barbeque chicken and rice and a veggie (small portions) mid afternoon a granola bar and supper has been either meat and potatoes, spaghetti, fish and fries or something like that. I've had morning sickness now for about 4 weeks being queasy all the time but hoping this too will pa__s soon. But just try to do your best and get enough dairy products in and try to maybe snack on veggies and dip or fruit in between meals. Hope that helps a little!! I'm almost 8 weeks along.


vanessa - May 18

Me too. I was a pretty good little eater - and I'm still trying - but my once favorite veggies turn my stomach these days. Broccoli, zucchini, romaine lettuce.... yuck. I do manage to eat a bunch of salted celery and a huge mug of tomato juice almost every night. It's so yummy to me. I know it's hard because you want to stay healthy but you have to listen to your body too. Our tummies want the easy to digest carbs when they are upset. I agree with the other ladies... try to sneak in a piece of fruit or a veggie when you can. Good luck to us all!!! (I am going on 9 weeks)


Lenore - May 18

Girls, I am so glad that I am not alone! Hopefully my body and eating habits will be back on track soon. I constantly feel like I am hung over. Congratulations to all of you and hope you are all feeling better soon!! Of course it's all worth it in the end!


Heidi - May 18

I started off my first few weeks of pregnancy eating really good and making power shakes with fruit and stuff and then I started getting morning sickness. From then on all I craved was garbage. When I look back it grosses me out what I ate. Nothing but potato chips, carb foods, chili dogs, yuck! I never ate fruits or veggies. The thought of healthy food made me sick. McDonalds was my favorite too. At about 13 wks I stopped getting morning sickness and stopped getting the nasty cravings. At my 17 wk appointment I had gained like 15 lbs!!! She said I should only have gained 10 lbs by 20 wks! So now I'm eating much healthier. No more garbage and I've added tons of fruit to my diet and cut out regular soda as they are just extra calories. Plus when I was sick all I did was lay around and stuff my face. Not good. I'm back on track now though since I feel better. So try to avoid lots of junk and try to add healthier stuff if you can stomach it.



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