Can T Enjoy This Pregnancy Can T Relax

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HI - November 6

I had a miscarriage this summer and I am pregnant now. 9 weeks and I can't seem to enjoy it. I am afraid of everything this time. Having another miscarriage to gaining too much weight again!! I have so much anxiety that I don't think about the new baby, I think about everything that could go wrong-how can I change this???


to hi - November 6

you just have to take each day in stride, but remember that stress is not good on you and the baby either. have you metioned this to your doctor yet? you are already at 9 weeks, your second tri-mester is right around the corner. i am in the same boat as you, and i am just now learning to relax...especially now that i am in my 9th week also. you will be fine, just take deep breaths, and do the best that you can for your health and the health of the baby. congrats on your pregnancy!


Isa - November 14

Hi there, I also had a m/c in the summer at 6 weeks and I am now in my 9th week. I know how you feel and it is natural. Have you had an U/S yet? That might put your mind at rest. And remember just relax, pamper yourself, go for walks, read books, listen to music and socialise. This will take your mind off things. I panicked last week as my symptoms "disappeared", however, the tender b___sts and nausea are back and I am so happy. There is another thread here started by Kim and it's called "terrified to miscarry" there's a lot of us out there - best of luck. Please keep me posted and I'll do the same.


Kim - November 14

Hello - I'm a different Kim than the "terrified to miscarry" Kim, just to clarify! But I know how you feel. I also lost a baby over the summer and am pregnant again. I spent my first couple of weeks in agony. I think taking each day in stride is great advice, and also, reading books that encourage you and build your excitement. I am reading a book right now that has been so helpful in teaching me to fight back the fear. It builds my faith so much that everything is going to be fine with this pregnancy, and I find myself enjoying each moment of this pregnancy so much more. Good luck to you and relax - chances are things are going to go just perfectly for this pregnancy!


Lindsey - November 14

Hi, I am in the same boat, I m/c in August and I'm now just over 9 weeks today, I had my scan today and saw the baby floating around and the heartbeat, it really put me at ease, I know there is still 3 weeks of the first trimester but this has really helped. I am still paranoid with every belly twinge but it normally turns out to be gas(soz) - Also coming on this forum helps, any questions just ask, everyone has either been through it aswell or has some advice.


Sonya - November 17

Hi! Feeling exactly the same. Had an ectopic pregnancy in July and am now 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have had some brown, pinkish and watered down blood coloured discharge about 3 times over the past week or so and this has got me into a panic. anyone else experience the same thing?



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