Can T GO

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Sprinkles - November 13

Ok this may sound silly but first of all i can't seem to poop and then when i try i feel i am straining myself then i worry i may damage the baby by pushing that hard.... do you think that's crazy to think? Also what can i do without medication to get myself to go more regularly ! Will the constipation stop after the first trimester?


newmomma32 - November 13

don't strain yourself!! You will get hemorrhoids. Eat some fibre and drink your fluids...but do not strain yourself!


Sprinkles - November 13

I think I am not drinking enough fluids but I feel like everything I drink has caffeine in it so I dont know what to drink anymore... and water makes me gag... UGH


gabby509 - November 13

Sprinkles, I feel your pain! I was stopped up for about 12 days, and it was torture. It is also easy for people to say not to strain but when you are that constipated, it is almost impossible not to strain. I have found that eating hot liquids has helped me alot. Last week I drank hot chocolate 3 days and it definitely helped me. Also, my doc told me to take colace, which is a stool softener and it has been helpful, but I've taken it everyday. I hope you get some relief soon!


Sprinkles - November 13

Actually ... I just finally went lol I was starting to feel like it was backed up to my throat! What did it was I ate mcdonalds LOL ... that sent me running! hahaha If it served no other purpose it helped me there... I will try some warm drinks in the AM from now on though that I could do easily! Thanks


newmomma32 - November 14

i know its not easy not to strain---I had hemorrhoids one and I wasn't even pregnant-- so depressing! (I'm very ok now tho) good luck.


Sally123 - November 14

I think you can probably get a prenatal that has some kind of laxative in it, so you might want to talk to your doctor about that. I think I'm gonna talk to my doctor about that on Friday. I have horrible hemroids horrible that I made myself bleed yesterday. I FLIPED OUT when I saw the blood, but I'm sure it's not from the baby. Good luck to you!



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