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RJS MOM - October 29

Hi everyone. I am 8 weeks today and i can't go #2. I'm SO bloated because i havent been able to poop in 3 days!! I'm the kind of person who goes once a day. I have alot of gas but no poop....i've been trying to eat apples & drink apple juice, but the smell of them makes me want to vomit..AHH any other ideas??


kay101 - October 29

I think apples might help stop you up hun. I know whenever my daughter had a stomach virus and had either vomiting or diahhrea they told us to feed her bananas, rice, applesause, and toast. I believe prune juice should do the trick. Never had it myself so I can't tell you how it tastes. Maybe try getting your poo to do the opposite, like eat something that usually upsets your stomach.


ShoppingForTwo - October 29

Prunes. . . And prune juice. I had the same problem my first pregnancy, I heard it was my body getting used to the prenatals and extra iron. Well I've been take them for almost a year now so I hope I won't have that problem this time around. So far I've been going like 3 and 4 times a day. I think it was because of all the implantation cramps. Oh well, at least I feel lighter hehe. Don't worry hun it will pa__s.


Brendansmom - October 29

I had the same problem early on and my Dr. prescribed a prenatal vitamin with a stool softener. It did wonders! I think it was called Citrical.


tish212 - October 29

u should be able to use is a stool softener...I had to takethat eat 2 cup servings of strawberry applesauce and 1 or 2 yogurts a day so that I could maintain a regular routine... otherwise the constipation was a killer...u can get motts applesauce with flavors in it...and use yoplait yougurt... (and it comes in such yummy flavors!) gl hope it helps


Cevvin - October 30

Whenever i get blocked up i eat a whole grapefruit. Runs thru me really quick.


fefer1 - October 30

Oh I feel for you! I am on day 3 now too - Once I started taking medication for my nausea/sickness I got totally stopped up. I was super regular, sometimes twice a day and now I'm so miserable and uncomfortable. The other day, after waiting 3 days, I thought I was giving birth!!! It was so horribve. I know, TMI, but it's true! It was worse than the first post baby poop with my daughter. :) I have been eating grapefruits and grapefruit juice, tons of yogurt since it's the only thing I can stomach most of the time. I do hear that exercise helps to keep you regular....maybe go for a long walk? It really sucks - my first pregnancy I never had any problems at all and now it seems I'm doomed. :)


Julymommy2b - October 31

I have been taking colace tablets daily and it does the trick. Also, you can sprinkle benefiber on your food or in your beverages. Decaf coffee seems to help me as well. Good luck. I feel your pain. I had constipation problems prior to pregnancy and now it is much worse. I tried prune juice but gagged throug it. It has an awful taste!


fefer1 - November 3

Hey- I made some lentil soup and since I ate it I've had 3 good days in a row. :) Don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I think there is a lot of fiber in lentils. What a relief though!!!!


anfmom - November 3

ask your dr about a prenatal vit. that has something in it to help you go. my sister sais it worked for her



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