Can T Stand To Be Near People Anyone

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HeavenisMine - June 4

I usually like people, but since becoming pregnant I just can't stand to be near certain people, and I feel guilty; because they haven't done anything wrong! I don't want to feel irritable when certain people come around but I do. I just have so many peeves now, anyone can get on my bad side, and that sucks. I don't like to be this way. I can stand my daughter and Ka'eth. I can stand a few select others and people online. But it bothers me so much like when I am near someone who has BO or something. I want to scream "Take a shower!" Which is kind of hypocrisy because although I shower often the hot weather makes me smelly too. I can't stand the way people are always around. I hate their cars driving by and the noise they make. I can't stand even people at the grocery store. this is awful. I just have a peeve about everyone it seems. I know I myself am not much better; but it must be pregnancy related because I am not usually this uptight about things. Anyone share in this with me? Or should I check into a mental hospital?


clindholm - June 4

I hear ya! I'm not a big 'people' fan under regular circ_mstances, but I really have no patience for anyone now. It's the hormones. How far along are you?


mcbee - June 4

I just hate large crowds. I always have, and now it just seems a little worse. My husband is begging me to go to some concerts with him this summer, and I know it's going to be torture. However, he has been wonderful during this pregnancy so far, so I know I need to do something to make him happy, too!


HeavenisMine - June 5

Wow, mcbee you're so much stronger than I. I'd probably bring ice cubes just to throw at people. Therefore it's good I am not the one going. Clindholm, I am so thankful to know I am not alone. I want this to pa__s very soon. I like people normally for the most part. I am 9weeks and 2 days today!:)



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