Can T Stomach Veggies And Protein

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Megan P - January 23

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and have been pretty naseous lately. I know I'm supposed to be getting certain nutrients but all I can stomach is toast, bagels and fruit, maybe pizza if it's not too greasy. So, carbs and cheese pretty much. I'm trying to get yogurt down for calcium. What can I do to get veggies and protein?


jen327 - January 24

Hi, I am the same way, I am now almost 12 weeks and I am getting better. I couldnt even look at lettuce. Meat made me ill, but I could eat Chicken, so I almost always ate Chicken every night. But carbs are my favorite. I am stuck on bed rest now for a week due to a hematoma and all I am eating is c___p. Take your vitamins and try to eat chicken and things that contain veggies like homemade stuffing or tuna salad with celery.


erinsoul - January 27

I had the same problem with my first prenancy. All I could stand to eat was carbs. I had previously lived on protein and steamed veggies, but It would just turn my stomach to even think about it. I made sure I took the vitamins and an extra folic acid everyday and ate what ever agreed with me. Eventually the food aversions weaned. Don't worry too much, happens to a lot a women. Just try to make the best food choices you can with what you can stomach.


Mega - January 29

Maybe try V8 if you can stomach it. If not, like erinsoul said, just take your vitamins & eat whatever it is that doesn't make you sick and the baby will be fine. Good luck. Hope you start feeling better soon.


excited2bemama - January 29

Don't worry to much- just eat what you can. I couldn't stomach meat or veggies until recently and I am 22 weeks. I ate cottage cheese, peanut b___ter and regular cheese, yogurt, and eggs for protein. I couldn't do anything about the veggies though- and I used to eat salad everyday. I literally ate mostly carbs for the first 14-15 weeks- Its all I could keep down. Now I can eat healthly again. You can only eat what your body will allow. I tried to drink those healthy protein shakes like Ensure But i threw those up too.



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