Can T Tell When My Due Date Is

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BriannasMummy - May 8

I had a problem with my periods ever since I had my daughter. So I was feeling symptoms of pregnancy, so i took a test, which came out POSITIVE within 5 seconds of peeing on the strip. Anyway, because I have lack of a period before this, I have no idea when i would be due. I took a blood test, and my doctor says I have to wait 2 weeks for results. I already know that Im pregnant, I just want to know when i might be due. Anyone else in the same boat?


Chris23 - May 8

Congrats on the positive. I wouldn't worry about the due date - you're doctor should be able to figure it out.


BriannasMummy - May 8

I know its rather exciting about the BFP, We have been waiting for 2 years (My daughter is now 4). Its just hard, when people ask me.. "When are you due" all i can do is look at them with a stupid look on my face and say " i have no idea." I just feel so out of control.


Kira_lynn - May 8

yup it sucks. everyone says that "it doesnt matter" but when you're counting down the days till the 2nd trimester it really does!! Im kinda in the same boat. I had a mc on Feb5th(13weeks-missed m/c) and then my period came on March 9th. That was a 32 day cycle. Then on April 7th i tested and got a slight +. On April 11th my doc said i was 1-2weeks pregers by my beta (182). So i think im 8w tomorrow. I think the doc thinks im 9w cause they booked my 13weeks scan when i'll be just 11weeks. Oh well!!


BriannasMummy - May 8

Well congratulations on the new baby on his or her way, kira_lynn. I just find it hard to wait, because i dont even know how long im waiting for. I could be 3 or 4 months or i could be 1 month, i wouldnt have the slightest. Not knowing is hard hard hard.


Perl - May 8

Congratulations on being pregnant! I don't know how you can even begin to guess your due date when your cycles are irregular. So it sounds like you'll just have to wait for your doctor the give you a due date based on your ultrasounds, etc. I'm sorry, that must be difficult for you. In the meantime, next time someone asks your due date, you can say "I don't know because my cycels are so irregular I have to wait and see what the Dr says" OR you can simply make up some random due date about 7 1/2 months from now and change it later after your Dr gives you a more accurate estimate.


BriannasMummy - May 8

Perhaps, thats a pretty good idea on what to say. Im not so sure ill start blurting about my irregular periods.. but randomness works well. Thanx for the idea. Tomorrow I have a Dr. appt. perhaps hell be able to get the ball rolling with finding out a due date..ill cross my fingers. Thanx again!


sunshyne9 - May 10

Hello briannasmummy... I was the same way you were. I have very irregular periods as I have something called PCOS. I knew it was sometime in Feb but coudln't pin point it.. We were guessing at 10 weeks and thats what I told everyone.. but found out yesterday Im 12 weeks 3days today, so now im more ahead of what I thought.. and tha'ts always nice for sure. So just kinda take a guess and then wehn you actually have an u/s and they can tell you right when your due, just go with that date. Congrats to you all in here BTW lol


Tasha - bump - May 10

i dont know either it really sucks i just want to know when i can start preparing everything and know when i can ask about the s_x they say patients is a virtue but i think thats a bunch of poo!!


MM - May 10

I had the same problem - I found out I was pregnant because I was feeling sick so I finally took a test - otherwise, I wouldn't have had a clue. I only get 3-4 periods a year & there is no rhyme or reason to when I get them (I've gone six months a few times without one). I had a blood test done & when I saw doc he said I was "10.5 weeks give or take 2 weeks" based on my hcg levels. That was around Apr. 7th. Then around Apr. 26th I had an ultrasound & they told me I was around 11.5 weeks. I'm now about 13.5 weeks. So you should have a rough idea once the test results come in! Good luck & congrats!


BriannasMummy - May 10

Wow, Im very excited for the two of you that found out when your due dates are. I did in fact go to the doctor yesterday, he wasnt able to give me a lot of information, because a lot of the blood work didnt come in.. mostly all he could do is confirm my pregnancy. Ive gotta go back, next tuesday, and my doctor says that we are going to schedule a "due date U/s". I have nothing at all to go by.. nothing at all.. except for how long ive been feeling this way.. and thats been for about 2 months now. Im so happy for all of you with babies on the way.... exciting!



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