Can The Stress Of 24 Be Bad For The Baby

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jen327 - January 15

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I am seriously addicted to the show 24, but I find myself tense and stressed out while watching. This kind of stress can't really be harmful for the baby can it? But gosh the show is so good. It is like a sick posion.


jeannie123 - January 15

I feel you. My hubby and I are huge 24 fans as well. I seriously doubt that the stress of watching it could harm the baby...but I'm no doctor. Can't wait for part II tonight!!


jen327 - January 15

Oh, man, I just finished watching it. I am on the East coast. The stress from last night was NOTHING like tonight. OMG, I am still tense from watching and it has been over for 30 mins. Enjoy, I am jealous, I want to watch again.


fifijeep - January 15

Y'all crack me up!! I am also an avid 24 fan, and just finished the premiere finale - awesome! I was thinking about the stress of it too, but I can tell when an 'interrogation' or a murder is coming on so I just close my eyes.. It helps me from keeping those images in my head and I can stay a little less stressed. I mean it is a stressful show - look at Jack - it made him throw up. :) Happy 24 viewing!


ROBYN - January 16

JEN you are too funny. I was on the edge of my seat for 2 hours. I absolutely agree this show is addicting and poison. Maybe you should start a thread for 24 addicts that are pregnant. LOL


lawlady72 - January 16

I LOVE 24!!!!! I don't think the stress is bad for the baby. It actually is the only time I can find myself staying up til 10pm lately. Otherwise I want to go to bed at 8pm. Can't wait til next week!


jeannie123 - January 16

Man! This is the first time my husband and I have had to wait for a week to watch the next episode. Before this we watched them on DVD. I don't know how we're gonna do it! I was so sad to see Jack like that at the end:(


ROBYN - January 16

I cried when Jack killed Curtis. I couldnt beleive it then ending my mouth was just stuck open I couldnt beleive it.


jen327 - January 16

I was in shock, I loved Curtis, I kept saying, "OMG Jack killed him" I felt so sad too. Connected in a way. My friend and I are prego and she loves 24 and she was saying how the stress of 24 made the baby so hyper. It was freaky. I called my DH and told him how stressed I was he was like, Honey, it is a TV show, I was like BUT, I can't say anything because he hasnt seen it yet. I wanted to go, BUT THEY KILLED CURTIS!!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 16

lol Jen, the reason i can't watch that show is that i'm soooooo stressed and tense while watching it! i doubt it will hurt the baby but when you're 39.5 weeks sure will be a good way to go into labor! lol



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