Can U Miscarry One Twin But The Other Be Ok

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katt76 - January 29

I supposedly had three sacs i am six weeks prego. One baby was fine we saw the heartbeat and everything, but the other sacs were at this point not viable. The doctor said they would do another ultrasound next week. But i have been spotting brown and passed a very small clot and some red tissue fragments. They said it could be the other sacs leaving my body and that the one baby is fine, Anyone ever heard of this. PLEASE HELP


Deb - January 29

Usually when one twin dies, the body absorbs the baby. I haven't heard of pa__sing the sac, but I guess anything is possible. It sounds like the other babies just didn't grow. It happens sometimes that one baby doesn't grow and the other is fine. I don't think your healthy baby will be affected by the loss of the others. Good luck!


Mandy - January 29

I have had a friend preg with twins and one was lost in early stages but carried the other to full term.So it is possisible. I hope everything will be ok for you.Keep us posted


katt76 - January 29

It is so nice to hear positive things. Especially when I am at such a worrisome time in my pregnancy. They actually said they saw three sacs. I have to go in next week for ultrasound. I just hope the baby we did see is fine, I am praying for a miracle. I still feel very pregnant. Tahnks for the encouraging words and hopefully we can keep in touch. Deb and Mandy are you prego right now, if so how far along.


Angelaw. - January 29

Hi katt. I miscarried one of my twins at the beginning of this month and am happy to say that our other baby is doing very well. My twin that pa__sed was about 6.5weeks old and was absorbed by my body. However, my dr. said it would be normal to spot etc. It will be really hard, just remember that you deserve whatever amount of time you need to grieve for your lost babies, and I truly hope your remaining baby will be ok. If you need to talk to someone, please e-mail me, I became very depressed after we lost ours, but I am feeling happier everyday. [email protected] Good Luck and keep your chin up!


AshleyB - January 29

A good friend of mine told me after I had my m/c that her 18 yr old son was a twin, but she lost it. Her son is fine and healthy and her pregnancy went fine after that.


katt76 - January 29

Ashley and Angelaw thank you for the encouraging words. I keep spotting and having tiny tissues fragments coming out in urine, but I feel still so pregnant, I know the one baby i did see is doing fine. Hopefully the ultrasound this week will confirm all is well. Ang, I took down your e-mail and would defiantely love to chat how far along are you in your pregnancy??



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