Can You Know At 3 Weeks

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Brooke - May 18

I feel like I have a lot of the signs, but I just don't know for sure. Is there anyway that I could know as early as three weeks of being possibly pregnant?


Marivic - May 18

3 weeks since LMP? - possible to detect with blood HCG (pregnancy) test, not likely to be detected with HPT or urine pregnancy test. Urine tests aren't necessarily reliable until after a missed menstrual period. You'd be 4-5 weeks pregnant based on LMP. or 3 weeks since ovulation/conception? If so, definitely a blood test, and almost for sure with urine test. You'd be 5-6 weeks, since they count from LMP. Unfortunately, pregnancy signs can be virtually identical to ovulation and/or pre-menstrual symptoms. I'd wait until you've missed a period, then do a HPT and go from there. Good luck! Marivic 10w5d


B - May 18

If you mean three weeks from conception...yes. Go get a dollar store test and find out for sure. Good luck.


Brooke - May 18

Thanks so much. I am 3 weeks since ovulation, and just a bit late. My periods are not very regulary, so I'm not sure just how late. I'll get a test soon and find out for sure.


kristina - May 18

Hi Brooke- I am 6 weeks and have known Ive been pregnant for almost a month!!! I dont understand this either. The funny part is I was 11 days late when I took the test. my lmp was 3/3 who knows but ive had 2 ultrasounds already and theyve confirmed 6 weeks so Ive been told you can find out as soon as 2 1/2 weeks! Long Pregnancy :)


sxymama - May 19

Hi, I found out at 3 weeks (before I even missed my period) that I was pregnant. I was having some symptoms and I took a pregnancy test (3 to be exact) and they all came back positive. Good luck


Tiffany - May 19

Kristina, I am in a simialr situation. My lmp was March 25 and they are saying I look more like 6 weeks pregnant because the u/s is smaller than it should be. In fact one doctor was about to give me on a shot on friday to kill it because he was sure it was an ectopic pregnancy. I left the office for a second opinion and on Monday the other doctor saw the sac in my uterus with the start of a fetal pole. I am hoping and praying that it continues to grow and is health. What are your doctors telling you?


christine - May 20

my lmp was 25th march. i recently had an ultrasound and im 7wks and 4 days today. so far everything is going great we havent told any body except our parents, another 5 long weeks and im going to let everybody know. . good luck to all.


terri - May 27

i am at 3 weeks (possibly) and waiting to get my period monday..i did a hpt last nite and it was still holding out hope..woke up this morning so hungry and nausous i thought i would die..i was actually optimistic aboput that..sick eh??:) i have had so many other symptoms..wild vivd dreams, dry lips, feel like getting a bladder infection, bloated like crazy..luck to all of us


Tiffany - May 27

You are very smart to have had a second opinion! I would never go back to that first doc!!! I am in a similar situation except this is my sixth baby. According to my last period I am due January 20,2006 which would put me at 6 weeks 1 day. I had some spotting last week so the doc did an ultrasound this past Monday. He didn't even see a gest. sac so he ordered me for a series of hcg counts. My hcg is normal and more than doubling every couple of days so he is going to do another ultrasound next week. I just think for both our situations, our due dates were probably off a bit! Most people don't ovulate exaqctly in the middle of their cycles. One week makes a huge difference this early for ultrasound!!!!!! Congratulations and good luck!!!!!


clg - May 27

Tiffany-OOOPS!! I accidently put your name where I should have put mine. Sorry:)



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