Can You Refuse Certain Tests

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MommyAgain - May 4

I'm considered high risk simply because I am over 35. I have been reading about all of the additional testing they do in this situation. Some of the tests can actually cause problems and even miscarrages. This scares me. Can I refuse these tests and just let my baby develop and arrive like I did with my babies when I was younger?


To Mommy Again - May 5

I would really research that issue. You could even call your doctor's office and just ask, without giving your name. You can get out of a lot of stuff for religous purposes. There is normally a loop hole for everything in life. Keep searching and good luck.


Jbear - May 5

My mom was 37 when my sister was conceived. The doctor insisted that she have an amnio, but she refused for religious reasons. She told them that her religion did not allow abortion, and she didn't see any point in the amnio since she would not terminate under any circ_mstances. I think you should share your concerns with your doctor, and ask how he or she handles situations like yours. It is much more common than ever before for people to become pregnant when they're 35 or older. You should ask your friends who've had babies recently which doctors they used, and maybe someone will recommend a really great doctor.


Justine - May 5

In England you can certainly refuse. I don't know the situation in the US but I think it's wrong if you can't refuse tests with a risk of miscarriage.


Lynn - May 5

Yes, you can refuse the tests, especially if there is a chance of causing your baby harm. With the amnio I think there is a small chance of miscarriage and same with the CVS, but both can be refused. Just tell your doc that you don't want to do anything "invasive" or anything that puts the baby at risk.


Davida - May 5

You can certainly refuse any test you do not want to have. I am 39 and 12 wks pregnant and we have already refused several tests, especially the amnio. Prayers to you for a healthy baby!


jena - May 5

okay I'm really sick of Harry - go away! you are not helpful at all and are soooo negative! sorry - i don't usually go off on people. MommyAgain, YES, you can refuse tests and no, doctors won't sue you! You do what you feel is best for you and the baby (within reason) and continue that prenatal care :) Good luck and best wishes!


Heather - May 19

If you are uncomfortable with the tests then you can refuse them, regardless of your reasoning. I did so with my last pregnancy (and will with this one) for the simple reason that they are not 100% accurate. They wanted me to test for diseases that my unborn child 'may' have. I told them it didn't matter if my child had the disease or not. I would love him/her the same no matter what and that aborting was not an option. The only tests i did take were those that would of been benificial for my (& babes) health, in ex, diabetes testing. Good Luck, and congrats!



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