Can You Start Showing In The First Trimester

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Michelle - August 4

I was reading on the internet that if you have already had a child, your muscles will remember what they are supposed to do. That is why you tend to start showing more quickly than your first pregnancy.


Heather - August 5

I am only 5 wks and my clothes are already tight, I wanted to wait to tell my coworkers I was pregnant until my third month but i don't think I am going to be able to wait that long because I think I am going to show before then.


a little zen here - September 26

29, 15 lbs. "overweight" (whatever THAT means in this weight-obsessed culture), first pregnancy, eleven weeks, not really showing all that much, & actually not really too concerned when I start to show... it'll happen when it happens, no matter how much worrying would be done if I chose to.


Jasmine - September 27

I am about six weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I noticed at about 4 weeks my jeans were two tight. With my first I didn't start showing until about 6 mths.


mou - October 2

iam 8 weeks out of period&why is my uterus soft?


Amber Koenig - March 9

I am so glad I found this site. I have been gaining weight early on too. This will be my second child. I started getting a pouch around 2 months. Now I am 4 months and gained 7 pounds and I look like I am carrying twins! Which I'm not I made them do an ultrasound to find out. Is this okay and normal? Some of my family is supportive while the ohter half are questioning my weight and its safety for the baby? Am I heading down the path to blimpsville? But I also feel very s_xy, I love my belly and my weight. I love being pregnant. Although my back has already started hurting, my backpain is a total negative. If you'd like to chat my email is [email protected] Don't feel bad, feel proud that your body is able to adjust and supply your baby in a healthy way!


kjones - March 9

This is my 3rd and I am 9wks and I feel like I am showing although my fiance and coworkers dont seem to notice. I gained 4 pds around my 5th wk and now I lost 2pds. I agree with Amber you should enjoy your body. Its kind of nice to have bigger b___bs to fill the shirts. He..He!!


ashley sargent - March 13

i am 5 weeks and starting showing at about 3 weeks along, i know it's crazy trust me but i am very glad that i know there is others olut there going through the same things, i have completely out grown all my normal clothes and now in sweat pants or strech pants, i don't want to have to wear maternity clothes already. this is my second baby and third pregnancy, i had a miscarriage last june and i'm terrified this time. so please give me feed back about my situation, thanx!


Hana - March 13

Im 11 weeks today and I just discovered my 36C bra size is actually now 40C and I was wondering why i felt a shortness of breath for weeks and weeks! I've gained 12 lbs and this is my first pregnancy. My belly is very soft and everything is flabby. I hate my body because I was already a tad overweight and this weight is totally unnecessary as i already have a great supply of fat LOL


krc - March 14

you started showing at 3 weeks along?? Baby is the size of a seed. You sure your not just bloated? There is nothing in your uterus big enough to make it stretch that early.


ella - March 14

hana that's so cute. i think everyone is hypersensitive to every bit of weight because we are all watching our bodies so closely looking for changes! i know what you mean about the bra size, i think i'm experiencing the same thing. i can't wait to get a new solid supporting one so i can stop wearing these silly underwire frilly things. haha never thought i'd hear myself say that!


ashley02 - March 14

yes i know it sounds weird to be showing that early but it's true i am almost 6 weeks and my belly isn't huge or nething just noticeable! i can't fit i ne clothes ne more but ppl have told me since my first child was so big and i had all the extra skin and my muscles were already streched out that i would show faster, i had a miscarriage last june at 9 weeks and i had just started to show before the incident! is ne one else showing really early?


MummyShell - March 24

i am pregnant with number 3 other 2 are 3 and 5 and i am 7.5 weeks and only put on somewhere between 1 and 3 pounds and look at least 4-5 months no way to hide it especially after eating i get even bigger but then really no-one cant wait to show so im loving it


ashley sargent - March 29

ok gals well i am now 8 weeks and have noticed a lil bit of deflation in my tummy area due to gas and being bloated. this is my third pregnancy but i only carried one full term she is now 2 1/2 yrs old and driving me crazy. she always tells me no and just flat out doesn't listen to me but when her father comes home everything changes, so he thinks i am losing it cuz she is good for him, does ne one have ne similar experience cuz right now i am feely like a horrible mother cuz i can't get up and due all the same things with her cuz i am so ver tired and nausea all the time PLEAE HELP!


stephaniem - April 6

This is my first pregnancy and i am 7 weeks and i can't fit into any of my jeans.


DorothyL - April 6

omg i am so bloated i look like im showing and im only going on 6 weeks in two days. I think its bloating thow.



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