Can You Start Showing In The First Trimester

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DorothyL - April 6

omg i am so bloated i look like im showing and im only going on 6 weeks in two days. I think its bloating thow.


scarlett - April 6

It depends on the individual. I started showing a little bump at about 6 weeks. It was mostly bloating, but after 8 weeks or so, it was obviously a 'baby tummy'. Now I'm 11 weeks and happily look pregnant =)


ladybug_3777 - April 17

I am only 6 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy) and I am already showing too! I'm glad I stumbled upon this topic. I figured it was probably due to the fact that the muscles were stretched in the past from baby #1. I'm glad I'm not alone!


SharonInKC - April 21

Started showing at 6 weeks. Currently at 11w2d and people either think i'm carrying twins or WAY further along, at least 5 months preggers. Why all the excess water?


sara b - April 21

I showed before I even tested. Dr. thought multiples but instead I had one BIG baby girl. I looked 5 months by end of first trimester and looked like I swallowed a few globes by the time I hit the third. People were asking me if I should be out when I was so close to delivery in November and I wasn't due till March!!! And I had just come from the military so I know my muscles were toned and strong. Just something in my genes I guess! Best wishes.


tinymomma - April 24

Okay first of all you are all bloated!! the baby is so small at 6 weeks!! There is no way that you're showing! This is my 4th pregnancy and I won't '"show" until 12 weeks or so! And that is only b/c I"m stretched out from having 3 babies before! Now I don't want to seem mean or anything b/c I have a belly too but I know it's not the's bloating. Try eating high fiber foods and drinking plenty of fluids that should help. Try not to overeat in the early weeks either, b/c the baby doesn't need it and you may put on unwanted weight. Hope I was of some help.... good luck 1st time mommies!! Robyn DD 4/19/99 DS 5/4/01 DS 1/7/04 EDD 12/23/06


nursej - June 6

well iam 7 weeks 2 days i don't know if i am showing or iam bloated as hell, but either way i can bearly fit in any of my jeans. they get to my stomach then it's hard as hell to b___ton them up.


kalpers - June 8

i think it's a combination of bloating, and sadly, your uterus not being as taut as it once was. i am almost 9 weeks pregnant (with # 2) and was so uncomfortable in my regular clothes that i pulled out my maternity clothes last week! with my first - id idn't start showing until about 5 months!


danielle-marie - June 13

I am pregnant with my first, and I am currently 10 weeks, I am super excited about this pregnancy, but a little sad that none of my jeans fit. I am tall and slender, (was a size 4, 5'9") but you can already tell i have put on weight. I dont know if this is normal either, but I am glad to know other people are experiencing this, and maybe I am not just getting "fat"....also I was wondering, does anyone know when you get your first ultra-sound? Im only 23, so I dont know if the doctor waits longer to get one??


dedaa - June 13

With my first pregnancy I was abot 6 months when I started showing but the second pregnacy I was showing by like 6 weeks evrybody thought I was further along b/c of it but I think that was mostly bloating now this pregnancy so far Im just bloating I get embarrased a bit cause me youngest is only 7 months and I didn`t quite lose all my tummy yet so now I just look funny.LOL. I am ony 4 weeks or so. I hope I can last a bit longer this time b4 showing to much Im trying to keep exercising this time and really watching what I eat.


JenniferRose - June 23

Im 5 weeks and all my clothes r a lil tight now. I feel so bloated, and you def. can tell.


jacky - June 24

I am pregnant with my third and I am 7 weeks pregnant. I am already showing and had to go out and buy maternity pants. Everyone notices my belly growing, I don't feel like this is normal and starting to feel a little emotional.


danielle-marie - June 26

Its emotional for me too, espcially how I was so fit before! I feel like my hips have widened, and my stomach is bloated! (im now 12 weeks!!!) I keep reminding myself that this is healthy weight gain, although its still hard for me to motivate myself to continue working out, when the results are just going up....


JB0405 - June 26

Hey everybody, I just found out last week Thursday that I am pregnant, which makes me 5 weeks this week. I was wondering if any of you were a plus size before you got pregnant? I am plus size but have issues with the jeans I just had on 2 weeks ago, it's crazy. Is it my imagination?


JB0405 - June 26

I forgot to say that this is my first pregnancy!


Mzwest83 - June 27

I am 5 weeks with my 3rd. I though I was going crazy! I am wearing my big pants( the pants I wear after thanksgiving !!) and they are tight! I have some maternity pants but feel silly wearing them. But I am so bloated That it bothers me to have something around my stomach that is so tight!



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