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Kira - January 16

I have my first u/s next friday (12 weeks). Its the one that measures the thickness of the neck. Just wondering if any of you got a picture or a cd? I read that some ladies paid for a cd of the pics they take. I guess its not rude to ask for pictures. My dp is coming along, so i dont want us to look silly. hehe


Irfana - January 16

Hi Kira! Congrats! I have my first U/S on Thursday real scared right now. Yes you're right it's the U/S where they check for the amount of fluid in/around the baby's neck which can help identify it the baby has a problem. I'm in Toronto - and the radiologist will give you one or two picutres of the baby - last time I got mine there was no charge but things may have changed now. Good Luck! If you're still on the forum let me know how your U/S went! hugs


Marie - January 16

Are your U/S in Hospital with Medicare (free) ?? Mine first U/S in regular hospital is on 20th week (free with Medicare)..I am in long too wait..For now just monthly checkup with OB where she measure baby heartbeat with a dopler only..I would like to know..are most baby measure ok with the amount of fluid around the neck??


Deb - January 16

I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and they didn't measure that. They just measured the baby from head to rump, because the baby is still very small at that time. My baby was only 4.3 cm! (equivalent to 11weeks 1 day - so right on schedule) They are doing another ultrasound between 18 - 20 weeks that will get full measurements of everything. I got two pictures of the ultrasound, but it cost me $3.00. In Ontario, u/s are covered by OHIP which is our provincial health care.


Alexandra - January 17

It's nice to hear from Canadian gals! I have to admit that I get a little jealous reading about all the American women who seem to get their first ultrasound earlier than us (it seems like everyone talks about getting one at 8 weeks). I would love to have one that early, but I have to wait until 12 weeks for mine (6 more weeks to go). But hey, you can't beat the fact that we get a whole year of maternity leave - I'll take my late ultrasound in exchange for that year!!


Irfana - January 17

Hi Alexandra! Welcome I know I was reading all these different things on the post then figured that other ppl from other parts of the world are writing in as well. I have an U/S at 9 weeks I had a previous missed miscarriage so I'm very cautious and nevous I begged my Dr for one and he gave me the requistion form - just so I could be sure everything was alright. So far so good. I have another one on Thursday that's for the 12 week scan nervous as I can be. Hope everything goes well for you :)


kimc - January 17

I'm jealous that you are getting your u/s at 12 weeks... I have to wait until 18 weeks for my first one! But I do love the fact that I will get a whole year of mat. leave! Where is everyone from? I am in Burnaby, BC.


Irfana - January 17

Hi Kimc, how come you have to wait till 18 weeks I thought it's mandatory to have the 12 week scan to check for any fetal abnormalities (GOD FORBID), hummm....I'm from Ontario, Toronto!! Whoo Hoo for 1 year mat leaves :)


Andria - January 17

Hey girls, I am from BC. This whole u/s thing ticks me off too. I am 10 1/2 weeks pregnant right now and have to wait until march 16 for mine. I will be almost 19 weeks by then. I am very anxious. Best of luck to you all :)


kimc - January 17

Irfana, it must be different here in BC... 18 weeks is standard. And it feels like FOREVER! But as long as everything seems normal at my monthly check-ups I won't be getting it until March 18th. So, at least it'll be a good sign if I don't have to go in earlier!


marie - January 17

It seem I have the longest 20 wks for first U/S... :(


krob - January 17

with my first I know in Saskatchewan where I had my first in Ont now you can have 2 ultrasounds I had one at about 12 weeks only because my uterus was meauring large and they thought it was twins (it wasn't ) and then I didnt have one again until about 8 month I got a free pic the first time and the second time we brought our now video tape and they taped the ultrasound for us


Irfana - January 18

Hi're right it probably is different...okay like you say if everything is alright in the monthly check-ups you should be in good shape! Don't worry March 18th will come in a jiffy! HOw are you feeling otherwise?


Alexandra - January 18

I'm from Toronto, ON. Irfana, I too thought that at 12 weeks they would do an seems especially long to wait until 18 and 20 weeks. Now I don't feel so bad ;-). Good luck to all you gals at your first u/s.


kimc - January 18

Hi Irfana, Otherwise I feel really good... tired sometimes, but on the whole, very good. I only had a teeny bit of m/s, but only nausea, not even throwing up, so I dodged the bullet there. How are you feeling? Your u/s is tomorrow... you'll have to let us know how it goes!! All the best!


Irfana - January 18

Hi Kimc and Alexander! Yes I have an US tomorrow...I'm just so nervous...I was wrote this on another post "Aug babies" but I had such an aweful dream last night....I think it's b/c I'm stressing about the US. This time around the ms is very limited. I have a miscarrige last Feb so I'm really scared that something may happen this time around as well. I have a healthy 5 year old...I'll fill your girls in tomorrow!


kimc - January 19

It's the big day, Irfana... keep us posted! Alexandra, thanks for the luck... I'm going to need it to make it to 18 weeks without going crazy wanting to see the bean! I had my first vivid dream last night... that I was having a m/c! It was awful. Anyone else experiencing very vivid dreams?



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