Cant See Yoke Or Heartbeat Yet

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cheryl - November 26

at 5weeks 1day I had a va___al ultrasound as a precaution for cramping. The doctor said he was hoping to see a yoke at the very least but did not see one yet. The ultasound people told the doctor they thought they saw the start of the yoke sak forming.I go in on 11-31 again. has this happened to anyone else and if so, how did it turn out? Everyday is hard to get through without knowing if the baby is even there. Hcg levels are strongly rising and sore br___ts.


A - November 27

I had a v____al ultrasound too and i thought I was 5 weeks and 5 days but according to ultrasound and HCG i am only 4 weeks and 5 days and all they saw was a sac a very small sac. No yoke no anything else. they told me to come in for more horemones tomorrow and if they doubled I am ok if not then i have miscarried a week or so ago. On a side note isn't that ultrasound creepy and invasive. that tool was scarey


June - December 5

Oh i so feel for you.I am sure everything is just fine.I wasnt sure about when my last period was i went in at 5wks also and they could not see anything and i am 7wks now i went in again to see again....nothing i believe you are ok what i did is get to the hospital to have a more indepth ultrasound and sure enough they were able to locate the baby and we even saw the heartbeat.That is my suggestion i know how you feel you need to have that reasurrance that should be the last thing to be worried about right now.Good Luck!God Bless!


A - December 6

I had a repeat ultrasound this AM and they showed growth but no enough. There was a yoke sac and gestational sac and maybe a pole but that put me at 5 weeks 2 days. I am very nervous but my doctor said that I need HCG done for the next week and another ultrasound next monday. I am having some cramping since the ultrasound this morning but the bleeding I had seems to have stopped.


brandi - September 12

i went to the doctor today and had the same kind of ultrasound they expected to find a heartbeat since i am supposed to be 6 weeks. the only thing they sen was a yoke sac i have to go back in 2 days for hcg level comparisons. the doctor said aslong as the levels rise the baby should be fine. if your levels are rising then you probably wasn't as far along as thought.stay positive!



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